Translated-Don't Stop Believing (Hogwarts Story) By Danni_ and Twilight_Alli

So we all know that this is completely unreadable so i think i'm going to try my best to translate it....I'll post each chapter and then translate each sentence one by'll see!

I'll also be adding commentary)

Chapter 3

Chapter 3

AN; OMFG leeve me alon u motherg,meenies dat r meen!!
(AN: OMFG leave me alone you (idk what she said) meanies that are mean)

i was ating food nd cryng n reedin twilight nd listn d 2 dis band colled blod on da dance flor when sudnly................................Sammi sat don!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 (I was eating food and crying and reading Twilight (this is a HP fanfic...seriously?) and listing to this band called Blood on the Dance Floor when suddenly...Hermione sat down!)

"Hey stef!" she sayed prepily ("Hey Steph!" she said prepily (i didn't know how to change it so i left it the same)
"hi!"isayed depressidly ("Hi." I said depressed.)
"I ned helpwif ma maths coz im failling!!" she said nd she startd 2 cry, happily ("I need help with my Arithmancy because I'm failing! (as if!)" she said and she started to cry.)
"ok, im gud @ maths nd noombers, i cn help u:) I'll be ur maff tooter!!" I sad bac depressidly ("Ok, I'm good at Arithmancy (well obviously not at spelling) and numbers, I can help you. I'll be your Arithmancy tutor!" I said back depressed.)
"How much wil it cost."assd sammi bac ("How much will it cost?" asked Hermione.)
"1oo mls of blood for every hr."i sasid snexvily ("100 m Ls of blood for every hour." I said (i think she means sexily))
"okie, enyfing else?"she saied prewpily ("Okay, anything else?" she said prepily)
"The newest Twilite book nd a date wif harri!" i said bac wisley. ("The newest Twilight book and a date with Harry (seriously! This is a HP fanfic and you can't even spell the title character's name right!?)" I said back wisely.)
"Okie!c u 2nite at 5!!" she said bac nd ran off prepily. ("Okay! See you tonight at 5!" she said back and ran off prepily.)

Suddnly Darkness and steve sat over. (Suddenly Darkness and Steve came over)

"WhE were u talkng 2 dat perp?" they saisd emoily ("Why were you talking to that prep?" they asked, seeming emo.)
"She neded help wif her mats."i saasd sadly ("She needed help with Arithmancy." I said sadly.)
"Oh okie." they said and went 2 fin raven nd do sum Sinstrar, leaving me alone....("Oh, okay." They said and went to find Luna and do some (i have no clue here). Leaving me alone.)

Suddenly.......................................................... Roon apperad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Suddenly...Ron appeared.)

"Hi" He said prepily ("Hi." he said prepily.)
"Hi" i saye bac sxveyili ("Hi." I said back sexily.)
"How r u?" he said bac uglyily ("How are you?" he said back.)
"Depressed, u?"i said bac ("Depressed, you?" I said back.)
"Haaappy!!" he said bck, stupd prep. ("Happy."" he said back, stupid prep.)
"y r u here? i asked ("Why are you here?" I asked.)
"caz harri snt me 2 ask u out 4 him."roon saisd bk ("Because Harry sent me to ask you out for him." Ron said back.)
"okie!! I'll go out wif harri!!" i sayed back depressidly. ("Okay! I'll go out with him!" I said back, depressed.)

WHOA WHOA WHOA HOLD UP! you're depressed cuz Harry Freakin Potter wants to go out with you?! There is something wrong with that.
ALSO I'm going to continue to translate chapters as they write them but idk how many i can get up a day. Currently there are 6 Chapters up. I DID NOT WRITE THIS

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