Translated-Don't Stop Believing (Hogwarts Story) By Danni_ and Twilight_Alli

So we all know that this is completely unreadable so i think i'm going to try my best to translate it....I'll post each chapter and then translate each sentence one by'll see!

I'll also be adding commentary)

Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Ok guys...this chapter was totally whack...many parts were so out of character so I either summarized or left them out. Just a heads up. Back to the horrible story!

[AN: fick of u dum azzs!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 dont h8 dadni & mines strory bcuz u r jellous!!!!!!!!!!11] AN: Fvck off you dumb as-ses she can't spell and she's calling us as-ses Don't hate Danni she's your friend you should spell her name correctly and my story because you are jealous never would be jealous of you

i see Rom comin ova to meh in da grate hall so i ran up 2 da grifigdor commen room & changes oyut of mi ugly skool cloths (they rn't as ugly on meh tho aqs they r on otha peeple) in2 a pink tanktop wif NO STRAPS & A NECkleace with a big pic of Justin Beiber on my necki. i putt on a relly hawt shlort skirt with made off denim and it haz a pic of proffessar flitwik in da shower (bcuz he makez me think hez HAWT) on da butt. it made my butt look HUGE AND NICER THEN USUal. i put 7 braclets on each finger bcuz mi fingers r relly long & have flowers painted on dem. i put on 3 earings 2 butteflies 1s and 1 wif a kitten (meow!!!!!1). i put on 13 itch heels on mi feet (were else wud they go?) and panted my tloe nails gass green. ya...i'm not even going to try...its a description of what she's wearing...and also it said Ron was in the Great Hall...if he was there wouldn't by the time she had finished changing and coming back he be gone? This story is whack.

i than put allot of swexy mak-up on mi face. i put LOts of eyelinear on & my eyes lookeD HUGE and smexy. i i put a lil bit of eyshadows on meh eye......................purple of curse. then i put on pink lips lk prety and snexily put some white fundation on mi face bcuz i thught that steph loookd kind iof prety wif it so i did it on mi own face. then i putt some spray tan ALLL OVER MI BOODY And i lciked awsome!!!!!1 so i went down 2 da grate hall and saw Ron start walkin over 2 meh & we kissd each otha relly potionately!!!1 til we had to go tlo professsar McG's class Again...a long description of her makeup and the fact that Ron would probably be gone by the time she got back...then they kissed..and went to Transfiguration

rRon & i walkled ova 2 da class but we was l8 bcuz McG starts da class twenty munites early today!! Ron and I walked over to the class but we were late because Professor McGonagall started class twenty minutes early today!

"i frogat McG! im sorreh!" i lied bcuz i dindt forgret i just lick gettin there l8 bcuz McG is kewl lick that "I forgot Professor! I 'm sorry!" I lied because I actually didn't forget. I just liked getting there late because Professor McGonagall is cool like that no she's not...she killed Harry and Ron their first year for being late...she's not cool like that...but I love McGonagall
"sit down lil bitcvh" she saID WIsely. bcuz she licks me we swear alot at & r gud freinds. i like gettig deterition with her bcuz she gives meh new cloths bcyuz she used 2 be a disigner of cloths.. This is something Minerva McGonagall would never do so I'm not going to even try.
"okie" i sad while sitttin down on mi desk and Rron sat acruss teh room with harri nd a cuple goffs nammed Darkness and steve. i saw a cut guy but he wuz goff with blood redd hare nd grean eyes like mine (i fograt to mension that mi eyes r greean lik draco's) and i assed him wut his name wuz when professar McG went to the witch bathroom (c? i know harri pottr peeopel r calld witchs nd wizrads). "Okay." I said while sitting down at my desk and Ron sat across the room with Harry and a couple of goths as if named Fred and George I will NOT call them Darkness and Steve. I saw a cute goth with blood red hair and green eyes like mine. I asked him what his name was when Professor McGonagall went to the restroom. yes Alli...Harry Potter is about Witches and Wizards...I'm glad we're on the same page

"mi names drako i fink" he said "My name is Draco. I think." He said.
"u fink? u doint know ya name????" i said & felt bad 4 him "You think? You don't know your name?" I said and felt bad for him."
"no. its mi 1st dayo at hoewaste nd i lust mi name tag" he strated cruing so i told him nut 2 cry bcuz i h8 crybabys. he stpoped cryibg. again..this is insanely out of character so i'll summarize. Draco thinks he doesn't know his name because he's new and lost his name tag that's sooo stupid and he's crying.

pProfessa McG came bak and washd her hands then tught us sum Histroy butt i got boared & startd making uot wif ron insted. finely class wuz ova & harri has to get reddy for his date wif Strep or hel'l be l8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111 Professor McGonagall came back and washed her hands then taught us TRANSFIGURATION idiot but I got bored and started making out with Ron instead. McGonagall would give you a month's detention for that Finally class was over and Harry had to get ready for his date with Steph strep is a disease or he'll be late.

[AN: danbi s tiurn againnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111]
AN: Danni's turn again!

Do you guys like this idea? I thought maybe you'd like to maybe understand the plot (if there is one) of this story. Thanks guys, Natalie!

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