Translated-Don't Stop Believing (Hogwarts Story) By Danni_ and Twilight_Alli

So we all know that this is completely unreadable so i think i'm going to try my best to translate it....I'll post each chapter and then translate each sentence one by'll see!

I'll also be adding commentary)

Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Hey! so this chapter is easy because its so short. Thanks Danni! Again I will be using bold for my translation and bold italicized like this for personal comments. Unfortunately that's the easiest to read I can get...So enjoy..(i hope)

AN: My reel age is 13#!!!!! leeve mi alon!!! Fick of!!!!!
AN: My real age is 13 as if we couldn't tell! Leave me alone! Fvck off!

4 mi d8 wif harri i put on a corest dress fingy wif skulls on it, red fishnets and balack vanz and i had 5 face percngs and 4 in my eers, i put in anotha ibrow earng espically!!! For my date with Harry I put on a corset dress with skulls on it, red fishnets,and black vans. I had 5 face piercings and 4 in my ears. I put another eyebrow piercing in especially!

insteed of goin 2 clas lyke we were meent 2 me nd harri went on a d8 2 mcdonelds cuz i lik fries.:) Instead of going to class like we were meant to, Harry and I went on our date to McDonalds do they have those in Hogsmeade? because I like fries.

i was tellng him bot how i piercd my ibrow whenn........................................he yeled"Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!1 i dnt lik goofs!! if u wuz a [prep den i wuld d8 u bt ur nt so bii!!"
nd den he walkd awai nd i wnt 2 my roam nd cryd tears of bloud. I was telling him about how I pierced my eyebrow when he yelled, "Ah! I don't like goths! If you were a prep then I would date you...but you're not so bye!" And then he walked away and I went back to my dormitory and cried.

AN:hahahahahahaha thts wat wuld happen 2 a goff if dey tryd 2 d8 me!!11 haha ur turn alli!!11';
AN: haha, that's what would happen to a goth if they tried to date me! haha your turn Alli!

Hey! So as you know..I'm just stating this again I DID NOT WRITE THIS! This is a fanfiction by Danni_ (danni_is_a_dinosaur_rawr) and Twilight_Alli (alli_jasper). Both of them need to get a dictionary. So far this story sucks BUT I will keep writing these translations/comments. This is, unfortunately, a Harry Potter fan fiction. If you like it, please come back for more....or as Alli would say if u lyk it plz cm bac 4 mor.

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