Falling for a servant

my name is jenna and im a princess and my dad built us a castle so we have servants one in particular that serves me his name is derek and we are from england

Chapter 1

New servent boy

jenna has someone tying her dress she wears the short dresses not the long ones only on occasions. Thanks whats your name again? Derek. Thanks derek im suprised you know how to tie a dress. Its just a knot. Oh yeah sorry fro making you sound dumb. Its alright. Come on downstairs with me. Your forgetting your stelettos. Ewww no way i wear those when i party i wear flats. Oh. Hey you didnt know so just chill you are ok now come on down. she grabs his arm amd pulls him down the stairs but he trips and falls down the stairs she is standing there with her hand over her mouth. I am so sorry! Its ok. No are you ok? Yeah im fine. she helps him up and looks up at his face and right into his eyes. you have the most amazing eyes jenna. Thank you and i could jus drown in your brown eyes. Jenna come down for the party. Almost ready! she puts on her heels. there you are darling. Yep daddy its me. Theres my beautiful girl. Oh hi chris. chris: someone her father wants her to marry. Come on the dance floor with me. I think im good on dancing for now. he grabs a cup of water and pours it all over her dress. Chris! You will dance with me. No now i have to change my dress! she goes upstairs and derek is sitting in her butterfly chair. What happend to yiu. Chris spilled legitly spilled water on my dress. Its ok. Im not going back down their. Come on all you have to do is chanye into this pretty blue dress. Yeah i am going to and your gonna dance with me down there.

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