My Little Part of Nerfightaria

This is my Nerdfighter story which is a group of nerds who stand up for nerds and are proud of being nerdy. It's based in London, but locations could magicallly change perhaps.

John and Hank Green:

Chapter 1

Basically an Intro

by: magsisme
So, here I am. Telling you about my new story. One that I don't have time for, but I'm making time for because I just love the idea so freaking much and I can't get it off my head. It's like brain crack....

So some of you might not be aware about what the organization nerdfighters is all about. Basically its a group of nerds who stand up for nerds and come together to do awesome nerdy things. It's a really good group and it's made me the person I am.

So the links above are youtubers who are all nerdfighters and theirs a few more that you could be familiar with that pop up every now and then...

There is also a band called Cahmeleon Circuit who writes songs about Doctor Who and they're pretty awesome. They'll be in this story a lot so check them out. Or not... Your life.

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