Magical School for you?

I'm really late on the bandwagon (thats an old expression) but I dont care.

Chapter 1

My School


[] You are Pureblooded
[] You prefer the Dark Arts
[] You like cold weather
[X] You like the colour red
[x] You prefer a very high standard of magical excellence
[] You prefer larger grounds to a larger castle
[] You want all of your fellow classmates to be strong pure witches and wizards, no half breeds, muggleborns, etc.

Total: 2
[x] You would prefer more years of study before taking your O.W.L.s
[x] You prefer warmer weather (Beauxbatons is in the South)
[] You want a palace for a school, not an old stone castle
[X] You enjoy finer foods
[] You'd rather a higher standard of respect for the professors at your school
[X] You are a Half-breed, or don't mind taking classes with half-breed students

Total: 4

[X] You don't mind attending school with muggleborns, purebloods, and halfbloods
[X] You prefer Defense Against the Dark Arts
[x] You are Half-Blooded, or Muggleborn
[X] You want to be Sorted into House best fitting your talent
[x] You prefer a larger castle rather than large school grounds
[] You'd rather be taught the average level of magical knowledge, rather than spending extra years with harder more advanced levels of study
[X] You want to start school younger rather than waiting an extra year or two

So conclusion…I’m in Hogwarts. I already knew that. Duh…I go there. But second would be Beauxbatons. I’m cool with that.

I’m a Ravenclaw!


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