If You Keep My Heart, I'll Keep Yours (An Oliver Wood Love Story)

Yeah, I know...I'm in the middle of a Draco story as well, but I figured Oliver Wood might be a fun character to write about! Please comment on: What you liked; What I should keep the same; what you didn't like; how would you change it...
Thanks for reading! Please, please, PLEASE enjoy!!!!!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ IN CASE YOU HAVEN'T NOTICED: I made Oliver the same age as Harry and them for some reason, I don't know why! I just did! SO DON'T JUDGE ME!!

Chapter 1


Yeah, this chapters wicked short, but I don't have too many ideas right now Sorry!
Name: Cassie Hunter

Age: Same year as Oliver (I'm starting it in their third year because I wanted to
let it be a little longer)

House: Hufflepuff...Or IS SHE?!!? MHUAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Nationality: American (Moved when she was 7, but still has the accent)

Parents: Unknown

Siblings: None

Hair: Medium length, wavy, dark brown

Eyes: Hazel

Skin tone: Very pale

Quidditch Position: Keeper

Personality: Shy, Funny, Sweet, Average intelligence (Best subject: Charms)

Friends: Luna Lovegood, Oliver, Ginny, Lavender Brown

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