Our love is all we need to make it through (A Harry Potter Love Story)

Hey guys! This is my first quiz so, please, don't be rude! And please comment on the things you liked and things I could improve!!! ENJOY! (Please) (Oh, and I SUCK at spelling, so....Yeah, just a fair warning!) And I'm not going along with the story line, and all the other characters will not play big parts, so like, Ron and Hermione will barely be in it, just because I'm in school, and also cuz I'm lazy!

Chapter 1

Description (Hey! I know it isn't an INSANELY ORIGINAL title, but, hey, it's my first Story!)

Name: Angie Strathmore

Age: 1st year (Along with Harry)

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Long, Brown, and wavy

Skin tone: Pale

Other features: Rectangular, blue glasses, bright white teeth, and an enchanting smile

Personality: Funny, Confident, Can be a little mean but she doesn't mean to, and she honestly doesn't care because she's not afraid to be herself, and she will never care because her thoughts are: "Okay, one person doesn't like me, so what?!"

Pet: Tawny Owl named Darcy

Blood status: Doesn't know, doesn't care

Parents: Nick Strathmore, Gina Strathmore

Siblings: None

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