Ace of Spades

This is a Criminal Minds story I thought of one night while sleeping :)
Caitlin: 5'10'', shoulder length red-blonde hair, blue eyes
You know what the rest of the characters look like :)
Please rate and comment, it will help me write my stories better.
Unless specifically stated, the story is from Caitlin's point of view.

Chapter 1

The Year Before

I woke up to the sound of a crack of thunder rippling through the air. I shot my eyes open and sat straight up in bed. I glanced at the clock, seeing that to my avail, it was only half an hour before I set my alarm to sound off, not like I'd hear it with the way the rain was coming down and adding the thunder onto that. So I tossed my legs over the side off my bed and then trudged into the kitchen to pour myself a bowl of Cheerios. My German Shepard Shooter bolted towards me and prepared to jump.
"Whoa! Stay down boy!" I stuck my hand out in front of myself to keep him from tackling me over. He skid across the tile floor and stopped right at my feet, looking up at me with large, loving eyes.
"You hungry boy?" He answered with a bark. I'll take that as a yes. I grabbed a bag of kibble out of one of my cabinets and poured it into his food bowl. I noticed his water bowl was empty as well so I filled that up really quick. Shooter instantly helped himself and inhaled it all with a matter of time; the time it took me to get my cereal into my bowl. Shooter sat at the table with me while licking my feet. I looked down at him and the instant he knew of this he jumped up on me and knocked me over, along with the chair. I let a groan slip out of my mouth, not 'cause it hurt, but because Shooter needs to learn to Calm. Down. Then he started to lick my face and in return I scratched behind his ears, his favorite place to be scratched. I finally got off the cold floor and ate the rest of my cereal. While putting my bowl and spoon in the dishwasher I looked at the clock. 4:30 am. You're most likely thinking why the heck I'm up so early, and I probably should have told you earlier, but today is my first day working at The FBI's BAU. I want to get there early so I can get familiar with the place. I'll get used to the team I'm being assigned to while working with them.
It only takes me about 20 minutes to get ready, putting on a formal yet comfy and simple outfit, brushing through my hair and putting into a messy bun, and getting an emergancy suitcase packed (in case I get my first case right away) Once I get that done I open the curtains in my living room to see that it wasn't much lighter than it was before I went to bed, although the lightning that flashes and streaks the sky with brightness every 20 seconds or so, as if it's trying to make up for the darkness.
I'm about to head outside but before I do I grab an automatic umbrella to help keep me somewhat dry, but I highly doubt it'd make a difference. I pick up the suitcase, open up the umbrella, and brace myself for the pouring rain. I speedily run to my black Mercedes and in one swift movement, I open the door, throw the suitcase into the passenger seat, and then hop into the seat. Miraculously, I stayed relatively dry. I close up the umbrella and drop it to the floor, letting the beads of rain roll off the umbrella and drop to the floor. I jab the key into the ignition and shove my foot on the gas pedal, speeding off and away from my home and to the BAU.

I pull into the parking lot, and to my dismay the only parking space was the one that is the farthest from the entrance. Just. My. Luck. So of course I have to take the spot. I once again prepare myself for the pouring rain and make a run for it. I can feel the rain totally soaking through my clothes and I can start to sense hail coming down and scraping on my face. But all I'm truly focussing on right now is getting inside. I stick my hands out to push open the doors. It isn't until i get inside that realize I forgot my umbrella. Everyone is looking at me with bewildered faces and the security guard puts his hand on his gun.
"Are you alright ma'am?" he asks, but it doesn't sound like he's concerned about me, he's more worried about missing an oppurtunity to use his gun for the first time.
"Fantastic." I say sarcastically. I pull out my credentials and show them to him. "Oh, and by the way, don't call me ma'am otherwise I might have to kill you." I smile as he looks at me as if I'm crazy (which is partly true) He hands my credentials back to me and says, "I'd like to see you try." I get a feeling that we won't get along too well. I make my way to the elevator and press the floor "3" button and stand soundly towards the back.
"Wait!" I hear a man shout just as the doors are about shut. I fly foward and stick my right hand between the doors just in time. The doors open once again and the man runs in, and I'm taken aback by how handsome he is. The way his hair seems so messy and long yet it looks like it belongs that way. His hands, with fingers so long and gentle looking. The thing that makes me so attracted to him is so how soft and calming his eyes are, such a beautiful shade of brown. Wait, what am I thinking? For all I know, he could be on the same team as me! And if there's one thing I know about office romances, it's that they never turn out well.
"Thanks for holding it for me." He says, his voice so warming and relaxing.
"No prob." I say with my most subtle smile.
"I see you got soaked by the rain out there." he said while slightly laughing as the doors closed.
"Huh, yeah. I forgot my umbrella in my car. And when came into the building, I swear that they thought I was some kind of pychopath." I laugh when I think of the security guard, and the guy joins in.
"How rude of me, I didn't introduce myself. I'm Dr. Spencer Reid." he holds out his hand, awaiting me to shake it. I meet his hand, and to my surprise his hand is cold.
"My name's Caitlin Whiting. It's nice to meet you Dr. Reid."
"You can call me Spencer. Are you new here?"
"Yup, my first day actually." The elevator doors open and I want to let out a groan, but of course I don't.
"So where are you headed?" Spencer asks.
"Strauss' office."
"Good luck." he says. He turns and walks in the other direction. I hesitate to open the door, but after some assurance, I make my self turn the knob.
I guess you could say that she's not the nicest person in the world. It's like she barely has a soul. When I looked in her eyes, all I could see is hatred. I'm not a person that gets nervous, but when I went in for my interview, I was sweating my butt off and stuttering like crazy. And the second I walked in the door I got the same feeling in the pit of my stomach. And she had the same hatred in her eyes that almost flared at me.
"I see you're a little wet." she says without emotion, except for a slight hint of sarcasm.
"Yeah." Whatever I do, I'm going to try and keep our conversation short.
"I've assigned you to Agent Hotchner's team. You just go down the hall and walk through those big double doors. Work hard." And just like that, she's done talking to me. I try to get out of there as fast as I can and get to my new team. I walk through the large doors and get overwhelmed by how crowded the room is. I try to make my way through the people when I bump into a man that looks more like an athelete than a federal agent.
"I'm so sorry ma'am, that was entirely my fault."
"It's ok, and please don't call me ma'am. You can call me Caitlin."
"Ok then, Caitlin. It's nice to meet you." he says just as he's about to walk away.
"Wait! Umm... I mean, can you help me find Hotchner's office?"
"Sure. Just follow me." he gestures with his arm for me to follow him, although he already made that clear. Somehow he's able to navigate through the people easier. We make our way up some stairs and walk along some doors until we stop at one, with "SSA Aaron Hotchner" on a name plate next to the door.
"Well, here it is."
"Thank you." I say as he walks away. I rap the back of my hand on the wooden frame of the door.
"Come in." I hear what I assume Hotchner says. I open the door and see everything looks neat and organized, with the exception of his desk, which is cluttered with papers and files.
"I take it you're the new agent that has been assigned to my team." he stands up and walks to me.
"You'd be correct. Caitlin Whiting, ready to work sir." I hold my hand out.
"Call me Hotchner, not sir." he firmly grips my hand and shakes it. "We have a new case, are you ready?" Hotchner asks.
I reply with a smile, "Definetly"

Hope you enjoyed this chapter, even though it's kinda boring but most story's at the begining are, unless it like a SUPER action packed thing. Sorry about any errors that may appear in this, I was writting this at two in the morning. I would like at least five reads to continue :) Thanks for reading!

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