War (Part of The School Saga)

Claire and Shiloh's lives are quickly entangling themselves into trouble.
Now that they've found Juliet's camp, will they find acknowledgement for who they are? Will Shiloh be able to resist Kale's charms without Damar by her side?
And who is..
(Read to find out)

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Chapter 1


Shiloh's POV

I glanced around, and held on tight to Claire's hand, feeling uncomfortable.
It was dead silent, and winced. I had a bad feeling about this.
A warm hand slipped around my cold one, and I saw Kale smiling at me.
I hesitantly smiled back.
Jarrett looked eager, and took a step forward.
I hissed warningly, but he took no notice.
"Juliet!," he shouted, his eyes roaming the tents.
That was all it took for everything around us to explode.
"IMPERSONATORS!," a young woman shouted, rolling out of her tent.
People stormed out of their tents, and raced our way, shouting loudly.
I took a step back, and realized they wouldn't hesitate to kill us.
Cindy whimpered. Apparently Claire had come to the same realisation I had, because she picked up Cindy, and ran the other way.
Kale pulled at my hand, and I slowly started retreating, before breaking into a run.
I looked over my shoulder. Kevin was running after us, his face pale.
Jarrett stood his ground, and people tackled him to the ground. The others continued chasing us.
"Jarrett!," I shouted. I turned around, about to go back. Kale grabbed my arm, and dragged me further. "KEEP GOING!," he yelled.
I turned away, and tears sprang into my eyes at my betrayal. I ran.
I saw Claire do the same next to me, still carrying Cindy.
She fell behind, not being able to keep up our speed.
Kevin grabbed her arm, and pulled her along.
I tripped, and something landed on my back. I screeched, and Kale cursed as he fell to the ground next to me.
I heard Claire's and Kevin's panicked yelling as they were caught, and Cindy's soft whimpers.
Someone grabbed my arms, and twisted them around. I groaned in pain.
Kale started shouting at them, and the person twisted my arms tighter.
"Shut up!," a high voice ordered. I blinked. A girl is doing this?
I concentrated, and heard the person yell in suprise as the grass attacked her.
She let go of me for a split second, and I kicked her. I rolled away, only to have another person launch themselves on top of me.
Lightning shot down next to us. "CAREFUL!," I yelled at Kale.
I felt something cool against my skin, and saw frost creeping up. I realized Kevin was trying to free himself.
I asked the grass for help again, and it started growing. The sun beamed down on us, blinding our enemies.
Someone growled, and a punch landed on top of my head.
I blacked out..


"Shiloh. Cm'on. Wake up."
I blinked, trying to fight the dark. "Kale?"
"Can you get up?," he asked.
I ignored him, and blinked as the dark remained. "Where are we?"
"No idea," he murmered.
I tried to stretch, but I realized I couldn't move my hands. I groaned. "My hands are tied."
"So are mine," Kale grumbled.
I twitched. "Why can't I disintegrate stuff like Claire?," I asked grumpily, trying to kick the ropes off of my legs.
Kale chuckled. "Too dangerous. You'd disintegrate everyone when you're angry."
I growled, and started rolling over the floor. "Where are the others?," I panted, wincing as I knocked into something tough.
Why do they only find sharp things in movies?
"Not here," Kale grumbled. I rolled the other way. "Where are you?"
"Five feet to your right," he grumbled. I kept rolling until bumped against him.
"There you are!," I said, pleased at my 'ingenious' technique.
I could see the flash of white as he grinned. I struggled, and managed to sit up.
I pressed my hands against his mouth. "Can you bite it through?"
"I'm not a damned horse!," he protested.
I snarled. "It's either that, or them eventually checking up on us. And that won't bring us any good."
Kale grumbled something else, before starting to nibble at my ropes.

Ten minutes later, I groaned, and rolled away. "This isn't working."
Kale spat the bits of rope out. "Tell me about it."
I heard a huff, and then a rope was pressed against my mouth.
"Kale! I thought we agreed it wasn't working!," I hissed. He chuckled.
"Your teeth might be sharper."
I felt anger rise up in my throat. "Don't you have any other powers?!"
He shrugged, and rolled off of me. "Night vision, super-speed, and the weather. According to Ben, I might have another one."
I groaned. "This might be a good time to develop it."
I glanced around the dark. "Can you see anything sharp on the floor? At all?"
He sighed. "Nothing at all."
I started to roll, until Kale was in my way again. I frowned. "Have you tried rolling out of the tent?"
"No use. They've blocked every side of the tent with boxes. Plastic ones, no edges. They were well prepared."
I groaned again. Kale sighed. "Hold your hands behind mine."
I knew better than to question Kale, and obeyed him. He gripped my ropes tightly. "Now move away from me."
I began to shuffle away, until I heard Kale grunt in pain. "Go on!," he snapped.
I moved further away, and Kale let go of my ropes.
I fell over face first. "Thanks a lot," I grumbled.
"Are they looser? Can you pull your hands out?," he asked.
I stretched the rope, and managed to rip one hand out.
I held my breath as I felt the raw skin, and quickly took the rope off of the other one.
"I'm loose!," I breathed. I quickly bent over Kale to help him.
"Apparently someone made progress!," a high voice chuckled.
I froze, and turned around.

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