War (Part of The School Saga)

Claire and Shiloh's lives are quickly entangling themselves into trouble.
Now that they've found Juliet's camp, will they find acknowledgement for who they are? Will Shiloh be able to resist Kale's charms without Damar by her side?
And who is..
(Read to find out)

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Chapter 2


The young woman wo'd accused us of being imposters was staring at us, her frame surrounded by the bright light coming from the outside world.
I cringed back against the sudden light.
She grinned, and the light brightened even more.
I whimpered, and crawled back, covering my eyes. The outside world quickly turned dark again, and I shot a grateful look at Kale.
He was scowling with effort, and I shot a look at the girl. She too, was scowling, her jaw clenched.
I understood. Her elemental power must be light. Or maybe the weather.
Suddenly her face relaxed, and she shrugged. "If it's what you prefer," she said.
She sat down, and untied Kale's ropes. I eyed her suspiciously,
"So what is the story?," she asked casually.
"Well, that is Kale, and I'm Shiloh. We're hybrids, and we were looking for this camp."
I carefully scrutinized her face, and noticed her warm brown eyes. "Are you Juliet?"
She flinched. "None of your business. Or maybe it is, but I don't feel like telling you my private matters. Now, who are you really, and what do you want?"
I gritted my teeth. I hated it when people were more stubborn then I was.
"I told you. My name is Shiloh. I'm a hybrid. We came from The School, but left after, er, we were declared unwanted there. It's complicated."
She grinned. "What is your last name, then?"
I frowned. Great. The one thing I didn't know.
"I don't know. You should ask my sister that.. We got seperated when we were young. I was brought to an orphanage. I have never known my last name."
She leaned back against one of the crates, amused. "Nice escape."
I scowled at her. "I'm not a very good liar. You'd have noticed if this wasn't the truth."
She leaned forward. "I did, sweetie."
Kale growled. She turned her gaze to him. "I've got a deal for you. Tell me the truth, and I'll let the two of you go. Even if only one of you is prepared to tell me."
Kale laughed. "I'd have said yes to save myself. And Shiloh, of course. But, unfortunately, we're not lying."
Juliet sighed, frustrated. "I'll give you two this much, you're stubborn. But there is a solution for everything."
I looked at her puzzled. She smiled sweetly, and my stomach clenched. "Are you two.. together?"
I flinched. "No."
Kale grinned again. "I wish."
I flushed, and shot a glare at him. That had definitely been the wrong thing to say. She's going to use that.
Juliet smiled again, and looked gleeful. "Well... Would you want her safe... Or hurt?"
A look of caution came upon Kale's face as he realized where she was going.
"Would you want Jarrett safe, or hurt?"
She flinched, and hissed. I winced. This is going to be horrible.
She grabbed me by the hair, and dragged me out of the tent.
I screamed in pain. Kale rolled out of the tent, and launched himself at Juliet.
I fought myself loose, and pushed Kale away. "We need to find the others! Now!"
He grabbed my arm. "I say we run. We won't find them in time."
I glared at him, and shook myself loose. "No way. I'm not leaving Claire."
His jaw clenched. "Fine."
I heard commotion, and I saw Juliet running our way, shouting for help.
I closed my eyes, knowing there was only one solution. I raised my hands, and stepped forward, signaling that I was surrendering.
Kale groaned, but followed my example. It started to rain, and I knew he was in a bad mood.
A young man hurled himself into me, and tackled me to the ground. I huffed.
I heard a loud thud as Kale fell to the ground next to me.
I turned my head, and met his accusing glare. I smiled at him. You decided to stick around yourself!, I thought, willing himself to hear my mind.
He slowly smiled back at me, and I knew that somehow, he'd heard.
Someone flipped me over, and dragged me back to the tent.
I grunted as I was dragged through the mud, my clothes drenched.
I was smashed into the tent, and I knocked my head against a box.
I rubbed my head. So much for courtesy.

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