War (Part of The School Saga)

Claire and Shiloh's lives are quickly entangling themselves into trouble.
Now that they've found Juliet's camp, will they find acknowledgement for who they are? Will Shiloh be able to resist Kale's charms without Damar by her side?
And who is..
(Read to find out)

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Chapter 3

Questions and Answers

I trembled in the tent, scared out of my wits. I had no clue if anyone was in the tent with me, and if anyone was, who. I closed my eyes and wished Shiloh were here. She could come up with a plan. I leaned back, hoping that no one else was there to see me. I heard loud shouting outside, and one voice I could recognize was Shiloh's. I grinned and shook my head. She'd escape. They wouldn't catch her.
The young woman, who I'd assumed was Juliet from the moment I saw her, entered the tent, looking bewildered. I assumed from the look on her face that Shiloh had somehow escaped. I took the chance of the outside light to look around. Jarrett and Kevin were in the tent, too, but they were either sleeping or out cold. Juliet pointed to me.
"You, come with me," she commanded, and I obeyed. We walked outside, and I had a look around. Every tent was perfectly lined up with the next one, and the tent that I had exited was only slightly different from the rest.
"Where's Rio?" I asked, though I knew that to her he was just "the dog."
"Is that the dog's name? Oh, he's right over there." She pointed to a little pen where the fluffy lump slept. "You can have him back when you leave." She faced forward and continued walking. "If you leave," she said in a quieter voice. We entered a tent slightly larger than the others. She beckoned me to sit down. I sat down, but I could tell that this was going to be a long conversation.
She looked me over for a few minutes. "You and that Shiloh girl sure look alike." I nodded, but didn't say anything. "Are you two twins?" I nodded again. Juliet rolled her eyes. "You're allowed to say something." I didn't answer. She huffed. "Well, what's your name?"
"Claire," I answered, surprised that my voice didn't express how intimidated I was feeling.
"Okay, Claire. So, Claire, what's your last name?"
"I... don't really know. I know my adopted parent's last name, but..."
Juliet nodded, and she seemed a little smug. "So, Claire, what are you and your friends doing here?"
I said nothing at first, but decided being difficult wasn't the way to go. "We were being pursued by these people, and then we ran into Cindy, who told us about this place and so we got here as fast as possible."
Juliet scrutinized me for a moment. "You're a lot better at lying than your sister."
"But I'm not lying!"
She put her chin in her hands and rested her elbows on her knees. "Prove it," she challenged.
"Well, there are these people that we refer to as the Others, and-"
"What are they?' She asked, scrunching her eyebrows.
"Well, they aren't Akar, Lore, or human. We aren't really sure what they're called. But they have abilities, and there's no way to tell them apart from humans, as far as we know."
She snorted. "Ever met one?"
"Yeah, in fact I have," I said, starting to feel snappish at the memory of Rey.
"What can he do?" Juliet inquired, looking genuinely curious.
"He can change time, but he... died." I didn't think mentioning we had killed Rey would score us brownie points with Juliet.
Juliet looked skeptical. "Well, I guess your time for confessions is up, and since you've failed to tell the truth, I'll have to check out one of those boys in their with you."
"Please, if you do, talk to Jarrett, he'll set you straight!" She stiffened at Jarrett's name.
A few minutes passed as she attempted to stare me down. Finally she gave up and went back to simple questions.
"Claire, what are your abilities?" Juliet asked, remaining perfectly calm, but I could tell she was shaken.
"My elemental power is water, and I can feel other people's emotions, and sometimes I get these things I call visions that give me helpful insight."
Juliet nodded. "Is that your main power?"
A few more silent moments passed, and then she prodded me on. "And it is...?"
"Disintegration. I've been steadily getting more powerful with it, too."
Juliet nodded again, as if it was no big deal. She checked her watch quickly and huffed, blowing loose strands of hair out of her face. "Time to go."
She stood up and I did the same, and I followed her out the door. We passed Rio's pen, and he was awake finally. I whispered a little "hi" to him, and hoped he wouldn't tell Dam that we were in a lot of danger. That wouldn't look good on Kale.
All of a sudden, from across the camp, laughter echoed. Juliet ran over and I followed her, confused as to why laughter was such a big deal. She stopped and I realized we were in front of the tent where I was held captive before. A tall guy was outside, practically rolling on the floor with laughter. I could hear people laughing inside the tent and I smiled. Way to go, Kevin.
"J-J-Juliet... I-I'm sorry, Kevin was just...," but the guy couldn't finish his sentence without cracking up even more.
Juliet looked confused. "Kevin?" she asked.
The guy composed himself finally. "Yeah, that's Kevin and Jarrett in there. And the others are their friends." He gestured to me.
Juliet turned to me, trying to connect everything together. "Jarrett's my brother, Shiloh's my sister, and we met Kale at the School," I clarified for her.
"Okay...," Juliet said, comprehension lighting up her face.
She entered the tent, and a few seconds later, Kevin came out. He untied my hands and pulled me away from the tent. "They've got two whole years worth of catching-up to do, I think we'd better give 'em a while..." He smirked.
When Kevin left to do his catching-up, I decided to find Shiloh and Kale. I walked up to the guy who'd been outside the tent and asked him where they were. He escorted me to their tent. (I was surprised to find they hadn't escaped after all.)
"So... I guess you guys are sticking around?" He asked.
"Presumably," I said, nodding to the tent where Juliet and Jarrett were doing their "catching-up."
He laughed and extended his hand. "I'm Cassius," he said, rolling his eyes as if to say, "what kind of parent names their kid Cassius?" I laughed. He smiled. "Everyone calls me Cash, though."
I shook his hand. "Well, Cash, I'm Claire."
He smiled again. "So, I'll be seeing you around?"
As he walked away, I felt a sudden comparison of the first time I'd met Rey. How I'd felt, what he looked like. I shook my head to clear all thoughts. "No," I breathed to myself. "I'm never going to let anything like that happen again."

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