War (Part of The School Saga)

Claire and Shiloh's lives are quickly entangling themselves into trouble.
Now that they've found Juliet's camp, will they find acknowledgement for who they are? Will Shiloh be able to resist Kale's charms without Damar by her side?
And who is..
(Read to find out)

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Chapter 4


Everyone sat around the fire in a circle, and the little kids were playing tag behind us with Rio. Juliet and Jarrett were sitting next to each other, holding hands, (we got them to promise to keep public displays of affection to a minimum) and Kevin was sitting next to Jarrett. On my right was Cash- who I couldn't seem to find an off-switch for- and on my left was Shiloh, who was sitting next to Kale. All the others, whose names I didn't yet know, were surrounding the other spots.
"Hey, Claire, would you mind handing me another marshmallow?" Cash asked, saying every word slowly, and I could tell he was trying to flirt.
I tossed him the bag and got another myself. They were so good, and I had lost count of how many I'd eaten after three. Cash yawned loudly and stretched. "Slow down, partner," I said just before his arm came to rest on my shoulder. He jerked his hand back immediately. Shiloh snorted, and everyone else joined in laughing. Cash's face got red, and I could tell he wasn't used to public humiliation, or rejection.
Kale started mimicking what Cash had just done with Shiloh, but Shiloh didn't reject him the same way, she just laughed at Kale's drawn-out yawn and the obnoxiously obvious way he stretched. He laid his arm on Shiloh's shoulder, and it stayed there. Shiloh started getting a little red and she nudged him, but he pretended not to notice.
"Okay, Kale, we get the point," Shiloh prodded. Kale didn't move. "Alright, Kale, you can let go now," she said as she tried to lift up his arm. Kale just closed his eyes and snickered. All of a sudden, the fire lit up brighter and startled Kale so much that he lost his balance and fell over. Everyone laughed at that even more than they had at Cash.
Cash seemed relieved that the attention was off him. He joined in the laughter and Kale sat up slowly and brushed his shirt. "I meant to do that," he said jokingly. "By the way... who did that?"
The girl next to him raised her hand slowly, and she couldn't have been much older than twelve. I sensed from her emotions that she secretly liked him, but I wasn't about to reveal that to him. Maybe Shiloh, but definitely not Kale. Besides, it was just a crush, and it wouldn't last long after she got to know the real Kale.
I got up to go to the bathroom. I received many directions as to not wander too far, to watch out for poison ivy, (At Kale's remark about poison ivy, Cash said, "There's no poison ivy in California!") etc.
After I was finished, I began walking back to the fire, but Cash found me and stopped me.
"No poison ivy, I assume?" He joked.
"Not as far as I could tell," I answered seriously. (What do you have to do to get a guy to take a hint!?)
"So, Claire," Cash began, leaning against the tree behind me so that I had to rest against it if I didn't want to be too close. "Have you ever had... you know, a serious boyfriend?"
"Um... Well... I don't really see how it concerns you...," I said slowly.
He lifted up his free hand and ruffled his hair a little. "Well, I don't know, I was... just wondering."
I tried to walk away but he caught me. "Come on, Cash, they're probably going to come looking. I don't want them to get worried."
"They can wait for a few more minutes...," He smiled, leaning a little closer.
"Honestly, Cash, let me go, I don't have time for this!" I scolded. He ignored me. I could tell that he was too stubborn to give up without a fight.
"I swear, if you come any closer I will scream so loudly everyone in the state of California will hear!" I threatened.
He backed off at that, but I could tell that that would never be the end of it. The fire was out when I got back, and everyone was getting ready for bed. Juliet fixed up the tents we'd been staying in earlier, and Shiloh and I climbed in ours.
As soon as all the lights were out I could hear Shiloh giggling. I didn't say anything, but simply thought, What is so funny?
Shiloh stopped giggling for a moment. You, Claire. What happened out there with Cash?
I laid frozen in the bed, shocked. That couldn't have just worked. So I tried it again. He was feeling a little flirtatious. So I kinda told him I'd scream if he got any closer. That sure shut him up.
Shiloh started giggling again. I smiled. Twin telepathy actually worked for us. And now it could be our little secret.

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