War (Part of The School Saga)

Claire and Shiloh's lives are quickly entangling themselves into trouble.
Now that they've found Juliet's camp, will they find acknowledgement for who they are? Will Shiloh be able to resist Kale's charms without Damar by her side?
And who is..
(Read to find out)

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Chapter 49


Kevin's POV

I looked around the room, begging for something that could help me. I spotted some glass in the corner...
No, I shook my head. I had to at least bring Claire's body back to Shiloh first. She at least had to know about the catastrophe. Then I would see Claire again.
I picked up Claire and walked down the steps with her. I passed Jarrett and Juliet, and they stopped and stared. After I had passed them, they followed.
I walked onto the ground floor, and saw Shiloh staring up at me. As she saw me holding Claire, her eyes filled with tears. She ran forward, but stopped a few feet away from me. She looked at her head, which was now caked with dried blood.
I stopped, and set Claire down. Whatever had happened to the Others, they weren't bothering us now. I turned around, and started walking up the steps again. Then I stopped, and sat on the top step, deciding I might as well get one last glimpse of Claire. Shiloh walked closer and kneeled next to her sister. She started crying and hugged her.
I thought I saw Claire move for a second, but... no, it couldn't be. I started walking up the steps, then I heard Shiloh squeal.

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