Collection of my short stories

These stories dunt have ANYTHING to do with each other... so yea! they are written by me... most of them are adventure/action type... but there will be some romantic ones.. and some tragedies.. so please read!

Chapter 1

After all main characters have to be special

by: Melon_chi
This was a story that happened a long time ago, in a little village. There was a little girl whom lived there. Althought she seemed like a normal girl but she was not! She is the only main character in a manga that is plain and normal!!! That is to note. Oh... btw her name is Eclorhime. On the other hand she heard of a rumor from the neiboring village. That there was a monster in the mountains and it was attacking poeple. So she decided that this was her time to shine and made up her to defeat it. So she packed up her stuff, and brought a gun, a sword, clothes, and food. She traveled in the mountains for days, until one day she ran out of food. So she went to the nearest village and bought food, and set off again. However on the way to the mountain she met a young boy. He was yelling for help and running at a extreemly fast speed. Just passing by was hunters, they were noticed the young boy and saw the creature which was chasing the boy. It was the monster which attacked the villages and killed many poeple. They were too scared to hid behind a bush, when Eclorhime jumped in the front of the monster and stopped him for a second. OMG, SCARRY!!! This is that monster??? Its like a snake... but huge...and has like arms.... omg... i'm going to die... its even wearing clothes!... well before I die... slash it and then die an honorable death, she thought. When the beast charged she swung her sword towards it's belly. The sword seemed to have no effect. However just after a few seconds, what seemed to be a wind passed by, and the monster's blood poured out form it's body as it collapesed onto the ground. It would seem to spectators that she, Eclorhime, had killed him. So the hunters whom were watching on the side lines rushed over to her and praised her for her courage and strength. She may have thought that she killed the monster, but still a part of her knows she didn't. The only one who knew the truth was the young boy. The young boy having expetional eyes, seen the "wind" which blew by. It was stranger who sliced the monster. A dark black haired person, hair so black it seemed blue.


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