Something I just noticed XD


Chapter 1

lol XD

I was looking at the comments on the stories that I post, like the 'For all the bullies and victims out there' and the one about animal abuse, and I was blown away by how long everyone's comments were! Then I went to a repost of each of those, and they were all extremely short comments...

Is it because so many of you are writers or something?
Even if thats not the case, it's really fun reading all the comments, you guys always put a lot of thought into what you post, so thank you! ^_^

thank you for reading what I write for so long, you quibblonians are the greatest friends ever! :) I feel so blessed to have found this website and met all of you. Over the time that I've been here, I've gained a lot of confidence, all because of your support. :P

I hope to continue to have fun here with you all, so once again, thanks. You're all awesome!

Yes, this was a completely random post, and probably a waste of you time, but I just thought you should know how grateful I am to all of you. :3


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