Never ending surprises- A Marauder Love Story:D

HEYA!!!! welll this is my first story to be uploaded onto QuibbloXD so comment, rate and READ!!! TIS a bit strange:D but I hope you like it!!

Character Profile:
Name: Seri Hennessy
age: 15 along with the marauders
appearance: long dirty-blonde hair, blue/grey eyes, average height
Personality: Sarcastic, loyal, loud, friendly
background: READ and find out^^ :D

Chapter 1

Have fun in life!! (heads up, this has nothing to do with the storyXD)

I put down my Harry Potter book for about the 26th time. I had just been reading my favourite part, the flashbacks to the marauders time. I checked the time, it was 6.30am, and knowing I would not be able to fall back asleep, I got up and dressed.
I pulled out my extremely messy bun and started brushing it when my mirror fogged up. What the fvck I thought to myself. I reached out to wipe my hand across the surface of the mirror, when it started clearing. I stared at it. It was clearing as if someone was wiping it down. I looked closer and then jumped back, holding in a scream. I saw a hand, wiping down the mirror, from inside it.
Sirius P.O.V
I woke up suddenly, annoyed to having been drawn away from a good dream. It was about.... but yet again my dream had escaped my memory. I rolled over and tried to get back to sleep, before realising that this wasn’t going to happen. I got up and looked around.
It was slightly eerie in the dorm as it was pitch black. I walked over to the bathroom and to make sure I didn’t look like a complete douche, when the mirror fogged up. What the fvcking hellI thought, and quickly started to wipe my hand down the mirror.
Once it had cleared, the image was still blurred in the mirror and didn’t look right. I turned the light on and stared, holding back a scream. There was a...../girl/ staring back at me with the same look of shock on her face that I’m sure I had on mine. I looked closer at her.
She looked about my age, not exceedingly tall and quite slim. She had dirty blonde hair half way to her waist and blue-grey eyes. She was wearing faded black skinny jeans, a three-quarter length purple top and a very bewildered expression. She stared at me as well, analysing and probably seeing if I was real, as I was doing the exact same thing.
Seri P.O.V
I stared back at the boy in my mirror. Jeez even in my thoughts that sounded ridiculous. He looked real, and he was staring at me with the same shocked expression I could etched on my own face.
He looked around my age and quite tall. He had black hair that seemed to fall perfectly over his eyes which were grey and seemed too see right through me. He wasn’t wearing a shirt (I know) and he had grey Pyjama pants on. I considered my options for a minute before deciding I was probably crazy and should make use of it.
“uhh....Hi” I said, giving a short wave, as I didn’t quite know if he could hear me.
“um, hi” he replied, looking confused as ever. Though I suppose I am talking to a boy who appeared in my mirror.
“ummm” I said, not knowing what to say next, “well, er, my name is Seri”
“Sirius” he replied, suddenly looking surprised at my name. I stared at him as well. Sirius? I only knew one person with that name.
“umm, would your last name happen to be black?” I asked, and saw his face contort back into confusion at the sound of his last name.
“Yes, is yours Hennessy?” he asked me. How the bloody hell did he know my last name!? And was it the Sirius Black?? I decided on asking the question which would decide my craziness to both of us.
“Ok, umm, this will probably sound very weird, but umm, well do you go to a school called Hogwarts?” I asked wincing at how bad this would sound if he didn’t.
“Ummm, yes” he looked taken aback at my knowledge of this. I, on the other hand, was suddenly ecstatic. And right then and there I decided on what was happening. I was hallucinating.
Sirius P.O.V
How the fvck did she know I went to Hogwarts!? Her confused expression had been replaced with one of excitement and anticipation. I smirked slightly and she continued with her 20 questions.
“So that would mean you’re a wizard right?” she asked, and I could hear the excitement in her voice.
“Well...” I contemplated my answer before realising I was talking to a mirror and said, “Yes”
“Damn, you look so real” she said, moving closer to the mirror as she said it. Real? How could I not be real!? Shouldn’t I be saying that to her?
“Real?” I said inquisitively, she looked slightly taken aback.
“Well, I mean you can’t be real...” she trailed off and I realised that she must be seeing me through a mirror somewhere in....well her world? I snapped out of my train of thought and realised she was right up close to the mirror, and looked like she was examining it.
“Find anything” I said, grinning slightly at her concentrated expression.
“Think of anything” she retorted. Oh jeez, I got a smart one. She continued looking around the mirror before touching the glass and jumping back in fright.
“What happened” I said nervously, moving cautiously away from the glass.
“Nothing...really...well” she looked slightly shell shocked, and moved slowly back towards the mirror.
“Well” she tried again, “it sort of felt like I ....well, went through the mirror” when she stopped talking, I noticed my mouth was hanging open slightly and closed it shut. I moved in sync with her towards the mirror, and stopped just short of 10cm of the glass. She took a deep breath and pressed her hand out onto the mirror.
It passed through like it was nothing but water, and I stared as her hand poked me in the shoulder. I heard a laugh, and I turned to see her laughing at my completely shocked expression.
“I’m sorry” she said between laughs, “I just never thought I’d see Sirius Black actually scared of something” she took some deep breaths to calm herself down and moved back up to the mirror. An idea struck me.
“Hey, I wonder if—“but she cut me off
“I could go the whole way through” she finished nodding, “yeah I was wondering that”

MUST give a huge thanks to Hannah (or Heni_Fred4eva) for making me put this up on Quibblo and reading it for meXD and credit to Aly (or Marauder_Time_Lord) for helping me with the title!! and DANKA!!! to all those who actually read my story and read this aussi!! xx

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