Never ending surprises- A Marauder Love Story:D

HEYA!!!! welll this is my first story to be uploaded onto QuibbloXD so comment, rate and READ!!! TIS a bit strange:D but I hope you like it!!

Character Profile:
Name: Seri Hennessy
age: 15 along with the marauders
appearance: long dirty-blonde hair, blue/grey eyes, average height
Personality: Sarcastic, loyal, loud, friendly
background: READ and find out^^ :D

Chapter 2

LOHP (just for future reference, these will never have anything to do with the chapterXD

Seri P.O.V
I edged cautiously towards the mirror. Sirius was still in same place staring curiously at my every move. I stopped and he looked a bit worried.
“Well it would help if you moved,” I said, pointedly. He moved back and gave a small apologetic smile. I took a deep breath and stepped into (yes I know into) the mirror. I shivered and closed my eyes, as the feeling of cold water ran down my back, opening my eyes when it stopped. It took me a few seconds to realise that I wasn’t in my bedroom anymore.
“What the hell” I muttered, walking slowly around the room, aware that Sirius was watching me with a huge grin on his face. I turned towards him.
“ either this actually is real, or I’m having an extremely vivid hallucination” I said
“Well, I’m pretty sure it’s real, but that could be your mind talking couldn’t it” he grinned cockily at me and I had to remind myself not to hit people you’ve just met.
“Oh shut up” I said, turning towards the door, “so we would be in your dorm, right?”
“Yes, and I don’t know if you should go out there yet, as there would be three sleeping and easily surprised boys” he said grinning. I grinned back
“All the more fun then, isn’t it” I walked over to the door and slowly crept out into their room. I heard Sirius come up behind me.
“ok so that would be James” I said pointing to mass of messy black hair, protruding from a bed to my right, “and that would be Lu—I mean Remus” I pointed towards a bed in the back corner where a boy with honey-coloured hair and scars covering his face was. “soooo” I said turning towards the last bed, “that would be Peter”
I turned back to Sirius who was staring at me in surprise and shock of my knowledge.
“Jeez, are you psychic or something!?” he said, now staring at me in a slightly awed state.
“No....I just ummm... know a lot about you guys” I said, I was glad it was dark because I could feel my cheeks flushing. I didn’t really want to admit that he seemed to be one of my favourite book characters, and I just happened to know almost everything about him and his friends.
“riiiight” he said, still looking suspicious, “so what else do you know then?” I wondered how much I should tell him.
“Well, I know that you are all animagious” I started, “oh well except for Remus because he is a werewolf”. I stopped there to see what effect that had on him. He looked slightly stunned but waited for me to continue.
“I know that you hate your family and... wait what year are you in?” I suddenly realised that these things mightn’t have happened yet.
“Year 5” he replied and beckoned that I should continue.
“ok... so then I also know that you are quite smart but you use it for trouble mainly and love going on different adventures using James’s invisibility cloak.” I finished and waited for Sirius to call me a freak and send me back through the mirror, (I still couldn’t get over that).
“That is so cool!” he said finally and I could see his eyes had a mischievous spark in them.
“Wait so you don’t think that’s creepy?” I said, feeling suddenly lighter and happier.
“Well I mean you can’t admit that’s not a bit weird” but on seeing my slowly dying expression of happiness he added, “but very cool as well, we could do with someone like you in our group”
“Wait, so you are willing to become a friend to someone who came out of your mirror, and knows everything about you?” I said raising an eyebrow. He laughed.
“Yes, I suppose I am” he grinned and I couldn’t help grinning along with him.
“Well should we wake them up” I said gesturing towards the peacefully (for now) sleeping boys.
“You read my mind” he stood up, before giving me a hand and we walked towards James.
Sirius P.O.V
I helped Seri up and we crept across towards James’s bed. I grabbed out my wand when I realised something.
“Wait so are you a witch as well then?” I turned towards Seri who looked suddenly confused
“Well, no I don’t think so” she said, “I wish I was though, that would be pretty awesome” she trailed of, looking wistful. But something didn’t add up.
“but that doesn’t make any sense” I said, Seri stared up at me looking confused and hopeful, “well Hogwarts has a bunch of anti-muggle charms and what-not on it, so if you are a muggle I don’t even think you would be able to be here right now” I finished and I saw her eyes widen in excitement.
“Wait so... that would mean...” she seemed to struggle with words, “ok then, give me your wand” she said, putting her hand out towards me. I considered the worst possible outcome and decided that it was worth a shot. I handed over the wand and I swear I could see a mischievous smile come up on her face.
She pointed my wand straight at James and said agumenti. The moment was priceless. James let out an uncharacteristically high pitched scream, followed by a yelp of surprise at a girl standing in front of him. I heard someone jump up behind me and I saw Remus standing beside his bed, wand at the ready, before turning again and seeing Peter cowering beside his bed.
Seri and I looked at each other and burst out laughing. Remus made his way over towards us and Peter did the same, though slightly more cautiously.
“Care to introduce” James said, looking annoyed but still slightly amused at Seri trying to hold back a laugh. Quite unsuccessfully I may add. She attempted to talk between laughs before giving up and waving towards me to give an introduction.
“Well...” I started, not quite knowing what to say. I decided not to tell them the whole truth, “this is Seri, and she’s here” Seri smiled and waved slightly awkwardly before standing up from where she was calming herself down.
“Sorry about before” she said apologetically, “I didn’t know if that would actually work” James grinned and I took it that he didn’t mind too much. Seri grinned back and started walking around the dorm again.
“This place is so cool” she said, twisting my wand in her hand. She looked down at it for a second and then turned to me.
“Maybe I should go see Dumbledore” she said looking around, “anyone know where it is?”
“Umm, well no, but you should probably see Prof. McGonagall first as—“but she cut me off again. I hope that’s not a habit of hers.
“She’s the head of Gryffindor, right, you should probably get dressed then” she started moving towards the door, “I’ll meet you back in the common room”
“Wait a sec” James said suddenly, “are you even in Gryffindor?” he looked suddenly confused. Remus and Peter stared at her also. I wondered if I should say something.
“Let’s find out shall we” she smiled back at him and closed the door behind her.
“Who the hell is that, Padfoot” James said, drying himself off with a towel. I chucked on a shirt and jacket before turning to grin at James.
“I told you her name is Seri” and I followed Seri out of the room.

thanks to everyone who commented!!! continue!! and for those who don't know LOHP stands for it is Lack Of Harry Potter- no credit to me though- i read it off a comment by Sasha18424 :D DANKA!!

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