Never ending surprises- A Marauder Love Story:D

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Character Profile:
Name: Seri Hennessy
age: 15 along with the marauders
appearance: long dirty-blonde hair, blue/grey eyes, average height
Personality: Sarcastic, loyal, loud, friendly
background: READ and find out^^ :D

Chapter 20

I'm sorry for excessive waiting!

James POV

I rolled my eyes at her and waited patiently for her to stop, clicking my tongue. She eventually calmed down too soft though jagged breaths and stared at me curiously.

"Wait, you're serious aren't you?" She looked slightly in awe, her cheeks still flushed from laughing.

"Of course I am! Who wouldn't want to go with someone as gorgeous as you" I winked and she sighed, puffing out her cheeks slightly and muttering something incoherent. I smirked.

I had a small feeling I knew what she said.

"What was that?" I stated innocently, opening my eyes a little wider and leaning towards her for effect. Her eyes widened in shock that I might have hear what she said.

"Oh, umm... nothing, just you know.." She trailed of uncertainly, turning her face to hide the light pink creeping back onto her cheeks. Laughing softly, I sighed and, using one hand, turned her chin back to face me.

"I'm not an idiot you know"

"Could have fooled me" She held back a smirk and attempted (badly) at keeping a straight face.

"I am trying to be serious for once, I can go back to annoying you..." I grinned mischeviously and her eyes narrowed.

"No, no, you can continue your little talk"

"Thankyou" I cleared my throat lightly, "As I was saying, I'm not an idiot, I can see you looking at him whenever he is with a new girl. You like Sirius, and don't even try to deny it"

I stared at her intently as her face contorted into one of shock and SSurprise. She opened her mouth to retailate, but thought better of it.

Sighing, Seri pushed her hair back of her face and bit her lip.

"Am I that obvious?"

I grinned. To be completely honest, I hadn't known for sure that she had liked Sirius. It would have been slightly awkward if she hadn't.

"Well you know me, I can see what everyone is thinking. I have absolutely fantastic sense of who likes who you know?" I said arrogantly, but failing to look at her with complete seriousness (excuse the pun;) when she made one of her famous 'faces'

I burst out laughing at the sight of her. And she slapped me across the shoulder.

"Tut tut, Violence won't get us anywhere will it?" Damn that hurt.

"Neither will being a dickhead" She retorted. I chuckled, well played.

"Well do I have an answer?"

"I dunno..." She bit her lip. I leant further forward till I was right infront of her face. She turned to face me and jumped, blushing at how close our faces were.

I burst out laughing again and she grinned.

"Fine, Fine!" She laughed along with me, "But only because neither of us can go with who we really want"

She stared at me intently for a moment and I smiled.

"Agreed, but... let's not tell anyone, ok" I replied, I would prefer not having to beat up my best friend when he finds out I asked out the girl he always wanted to. Even if it was just as friends.

"That is fine, I think I'd prefer that over listening to Lily rant about it for another week" She grinned and butterflies flew around my stomach at her name.

"Well I'm off" Seri sighed, looking at the time before turning and walking slowly back up to the girls Dorms.

This was going to be an interesting week.


Seri POV

"I will.... help you with notes for exams?"

"Ah, no"

"I will stop annoying you about dresses?"

"Ah, no"

"I will buy food for you every day?"

"Ah, n- wait, what?" My eyes widened at the thought before James's words came back to me. I sighed. I just wanted some food.

"No, sorry Lils! I can't tell you" I said, slightly annoyed that I had to put down her offer. She grumbled darkly under her breath.

"I tell you everything you know!" She tried to protest

"I promised Lils" I replied, getting up from our desk at the library and getting another book. For the past hour Lily had been trying to guess who I was going to the Yule ball with. No such luck. I laughed to myself and hummed nonchalantly. I picked out a book and turned around, crashing into a tall figure who caught me at the last second. Why am I so clumsy?

"You've got to get better at walking Seri" An arrogant voice said as I picked myself up and looked at who my saviour was.

Sirius grinned back at me. I automatically grinned back, my cheeks flushing slightly. I composed myself.

"What the hell are you doing in the library" I raised an eyebrow and stood, hands on hips as he continued to grin at me.

"Oh you know... this and that" He winked and spun me around so I was facing where I had come from. Balancing myself on the wooden floors, I started walking towards my table with Lily, Sirius walking beside me.

"Trying to widen your range in girls?" I said, trying to keep the angst out of my voice as much as possible.

"Jealous are we?" He smirked and spun me back around to face him as we were almost right next to the table, "Because, you know, all you have to do is ask" He winked and sent shivers down my spine.

"Dream on mate" I smirked before laughing at him pretending to be hurt. I hugged him quickly and waved him off before slipping away and back to my table.

This ball is definitely going to be interesting.

Well hey! Yeah, if you hadn't noticed I haven't exactly been on for a while... haha and I'm sorry to anyone who sent messages, I have over 1000 and it might be a while before I see it, if ever. I have to say the biggest most amazing thank you to anyone who is still reading this because I don't think you realize how much it helps me keep writing:) I will be updating a bit more if anyone wants me to, but if no one comments on the next two chapters or so I'll just leave it haha. Thanks guys so much! x

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