Never ending surprises- A Marauder Love Story:D

HEYA!!!! welll this is my first story to be uploaded onto QuibbloXD so comment, rate and READ!!! TIS a bit strange:D but I hope you like it!!

Character Profile:
Name: Seri Hennessy
age: 15 along with the marauders
appearance: long dirty-blonde hair, blue/grey eyes, average height
Personality: Sarcastic, loyal, loud, friendly
background: READ and find out^^ :D

Chapter 4

Confuzzled and Confuzzling

Sirius P.O.V
James walked over towards me with a very annoyed look on his face. I was laughing my head of, and continued to even when he hit me on the back of my head. I calmed down and sat next to him on the couch in front of the fire.
“Who the hell is she, no crap this time” James said, not looking as annoyed
“She is the newest addition to our group” I said,
“What?” James said, his eyes widening in surprise, “but what about Moony and stuff!”
“She already knows about everything” I said. How did she know...?
“You TOLD HER!?” James said, some people were looking over not at James raising his voice. I whacked his knee.
“Quiet down, and of course I didn’t, she already knew” I said, “maybe she guessed or something...” I trailed off and looked over to where Seri was now sitting next to Lily and she was showing her some new spell.
“And she could probably help you get with your little girlfriend over there” I smirked as James whipped his head around to see what I was talking about. James realised what he did and leant casually back on his chair. I burst out laughing again and earned myself a kick to the shins.
“Oi!! Blo0dy h3ll that hurt” I cursed under my breath. James was still staring over at both of them.
“Look prongs, I’ll ask her for you, k?” I looked wearily at James who smiled gratefully at me and turned to pull out his homework.
I finished my homework pretty quickly, but Seri had come over when Lily went up to her dorm and demanded that she saw my work. I couldn’t help laughing at how amazed she was at all of the different spells and potions. I yawned and looked up at the clock on the wall. It was 11.30 already.
“Oh, cr@p” I said standing up, Seri was already half asleep on the couch and so I shook her awake and brought her up to our dorm. A bunch of suitcases were stacked up against the wall, which I could only presume were Seri’s stuff. She walked sleepily over too them and looked through each one as I grabbed my Pyjamas and changed in the bathroom. When I came back out again Seri had changed and was sitting on the floor, practicing spells.
“Accio” she said loudly and a pair of her denim shorts came zooming towards her. I grinned at her ecstatic expression and sat down beside her, making her jump.
“Jeez, I didn’t see you there” she said smiling and she put her newly bought wand aside.
“Yeah I guessed that when you jumped two feet into the air” I grinned and she pushed me over, grinning back.
“So” she said, standing up “where am I sleeping then”
“Well you could sleep in here” I said, it would be fun to see James woken up that way every day.
“Yeah, sure, I don’t know anyone else anyway, “she shrugged,” now where to sleep” looking around, she made her way over to the biggest gap between beds- between mine and James’s.
“How the hell are you going to sleep on the floor” I asked, raising an eyebrow, but she was one step ahead of me. She pointed her wand at my bed, and said “/Geminio/”. Immediately, another bed was sitting, slightly squashed, between James and my beds. I stared at her and she just shrugged.
“I was flicking through my spell books and thought it might come in handy” she walked over to her newly created bed and pulled herself under the covers. I was still slightly in awe that she knew a spell that I didn’t and I had been a wizard 15 years longer.
“Well are you going to bed or are you going to stay gaping at mine” she laughed and I snapped out of it and walked over to my bed beside hers.
“Night then” she said, still laughing, before turning over and falling asleep.
Seri P.O.V
I woke up at 6.30, which sadly seemed to be becoming my body clock time to wake up. I edged my way out between the two boys’ beds and went over to my suitcases, where a chair was now standing with what I presumed was my new school uniform.
I went into the bathroom and tried it on. It looked slightly too formal so I decided to fix it slightly. I rolled up my skirt twice so it sat nicely on my waist, loosened the tie and changed the tights to a thinner pair in my suitcase. I then brushed out my hair and pulled half of it back before seeing if I looked ok.
The uniform was a lot nicer than any other school’s uniform that I had been too, and seemed to fit perfectly and looked much better after I had toyed with it. I walked back out into the dorm to find that only Remus was up and searching through his neatly piled clothes for the rest of his uniform.
He turned at the closing of the bathroom door and smiled at me.
“I was wondering what the extra bed was for” he said still smiling and walked over to me and put his hand out.
“I’m R—“I cut him off and shook his hand
“Remus, I know” I grinned back and turned towards everyone else, “so when exactly do the rest of them get up?” I asked, wondering what time classes started.
“Well I usually get them up eventually, but they somehow always get to class nearly on time”
I walked over towards James and Sirius and checked the time beside the clock. It was 8.00am.
“Wait so what time do classes start exactly?” I turned back to Remus
“At 9.00am” he replied, “but we have to be down at the great hall for breakfast and you will probably need to get a timetable” I walked away from the beds and headed towards the door, grabbing my bag.
“Well are you coming” I said, smirking slightly at Remus’s expression. He seemed to be torn between waking them up and just leaving them and going down to breakfast. He looked at me and then them, before grabbing his bag and following me down to the great hall.
I looked at the fifty different types of breakfasts and my stomach rumbled. I walked over the Gryffindor table and sat opposite Remus, grabbing some bacon, bread and butter. Prof. McGonagall walked over to me and tapped me on the shoulder.
“Miss Hennessy, this will be your timetable for the week” she said handing me a slip of paper with classes and times all over it, “I have made sure that you are with someone you know in each class”
I attempted to say thank you but with my mouth full, I just nodded and she walked briskly back up to the teachers table. I swallowed, coughing with the amount of food that was in my mouth, when someone started to hit me on the back.
“Don’t die there” Said Sirius, grinning at my annoyed expression before sitting beside me and grabbing at least 20 different types of food. James and Peter followed suit, James sitting on the other side of me and Peter next to Remus.
I checked my timetable for the day. I had Charms then Transfiguration, double Potions and lastly Arthimancy. I checked over everyone else’s timetables. I had charms with James and Sirius, Transfiguration with Remus and Sirius, Potions with all of them and Arthimancy with just Remus.
I stood up, James and Sirius turned as I had my first class with them.
“Well come on, I don’t want to be late on my first day” I starting walking towards the great hall doors, and James and Sirius hurried after me.
My first day went reasonably well, I loved charms and found it quite easy along with Arthimancy- it wasn’t much different to muggle maths. I struggled slightly with Transfiguration and did alright in Potions.
I didn’t end up with much homework, but I had to have extra classes with most of my teachers because I was pretty behind with some of my work, though reading my books seemed to have helped a lot.

haha danka AGAIN for reading and if anyone has any interesting things they want me to put in the chapter titles comment below!!

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