Tables Breaking.....(One Direction Group Story)

This is by me and xBVBx
We hope you like it:))

Chapter 1


Name: Arabella Frost
Age: 19
Personality: out-going, Fun, Clever, Sweet, Independent(The Only Person She Needs Is Her Sister)

Today I was meeting my sister for the first time in almost five months. My job has been on a rise, and I bearly even have time for myself.
It has been had, considering me and my sister have always been so close. But I'm glad I get to have lunch with her today, my manager is coming too, but only for aout ten minutes.
"Arabella,"I heard someone exclaim, I turn to see my sister there.
We ran toward seach other, finally reaching each other. We hugged for about ten minutes, it's just beeen too long.
"It has been too long,"I exclaimed sitting down on a table as the waiting for a waiter.
"How was it?,"she asked. I knew she was asking about dance camp, the reason I was gone for so long.
"It was great, I even audition for some jobs,"I told her as the waiter came our way.
"May I take your oder?,"he asked.
"Uh...yeah. can I have a salad with a Dr. Pepper,"I odered then my sister did.
"Okay, so did you ge any of the job?,"she asked.
"Well, my manager is coming...oh there she is,"I said.
Laura came our way and quickly sat down. She looked excited which can only mean good news.
"Laura this is my sister Brinley, Brinley this is Laura my manager,"I introduced them.
"Hi,"they both said.
"Okay what's the news?,"I asked excited.
"Well, I have great news! They want you for a One Direction tour!,"she exclaimed.
"Are you serious?,"both me and my sister asked at the same time.
"I'm dead serious, they fell in love with you!,"she replied smiling.
"This is great news! When do we get started?,"I asked jumping a bit in my chair.
"Well, you leave in a week to practice, the tour doesn't start until three months,"she replied reading from her phone.
"One week? But you bearly got back,"my sister said.
I was feeling the same way as her, I bearly got to see my sister and now they want to rip me away from her once again. What can I do?
I stayed thinking for a while, then a brilliant idea came to mind. This could be fun.
"Come with me!,"I blurted out.
"What?,"asked my sister in surprise. My manager simply kept looking at both of us.
"Yes! Come with me, this could be great! Me and you on tour with One Direcion! And don't worry about paying for anything, I'll pay for it all. Airline ticket, food, hotel, eerything,"I said giving her an offer she can't recist, she better not recist!
""she started to say......

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