Never Grow Up

This is Emily, talking about Shay, her daughter. The song is Never Grow Up, by Taylor Swift

Chapter 1

Never Grow Up

The other day while driving home from the store, the radio was on and this song came on "Never grow up", as I was listening to it, I turned to look at Shay fast asleep in her car seat holding her doll,she looked so peaceful and so little and suddenly the song started to make sense to me, I did wish she would never grow up, that no one would hurt her and that all things remain as they were now.

"Your little eyelids flutter cause your dreaming, So I tuck you in turning your favorite night light"

-I smiled as I heard this part because we do tuck her in every night and that is something Sam and I love doing every night.

"To you everything's funny, you got nothing to regret"

-And that is very true, I remembered how much she laughs for the most simple things, like when she painted Sam's finger nails, she had so much fun doing it, to her it did not mattered if he looked silly or how worried he was it would not come off, or like the time she was finger painting the hallway walls, yes she did that, and also the couch and a kitchen chair, that last one was her father's fault.

"Don't you ever grow up, just stay this little".

- Yes I wish she can fit in my arms forever, so she will always be protected, and like the song says don't let anyone hurt her or break her heart.

But as much as we would like, we all know our children will someday grow up and move away, we all know that we cannot always protect them as we wish we could, but we'll always be there for them, that is for sure.

Someday things will change that is something we all have to understand, but in the mean time I plan to enjoy my little girl as much as I can, because she is the greatest gift I have ever received.


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