All I Need Is You (A Louis Tomlinson Love Story)

All I Need Is You (A Louis Tomlinson Love Story)

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Karen Malden (Main) -Brown wavy hair, brown eyes
Jessie Tammy -Black hair, brown eyes
Annie Steele - Brown hair, hazel eyes

Chapter 1

New Lives

by: Malikduds
Ahh, I remember the day I lived with Oakland, with my parents. I wonder how it'll be like in London. But I won't be living with my parents, and of course, not alone. No, I'll be living and hanging out with two of my best friends. Jessie and Annie. I find them absolutely fantastic.
We have just bought a apartment last week. It was stunning. The neighbors upstairs, however, are louder and ruder every night. Either they have a pack of wild dogs with them, or they're naturally that way.

In The Middle Of The Night (2:30 AM)
The girls and I were sleeping soundly. Then suddenly, then music came blaring out from upstairs. The music wasn't bad. It's just appealing at the time of day.
"Must be the neighbors upstairs, again." I mumbled sleepily into my pillow. I threw a pillow at Anna who was on the floor sleeping soundly. "Should I go or you?"
"Up to you, you could as Jessie if she wants." Then she dozed off to sleep. I rolled my eyes, "Hey, Jessie. Wake up." I said gently shaking her awake. If you wake her up any other way, she'll rip you're head off.
'Whaa-.." she mumbled turning to the other side with a pillow of her head.
"The neighbors are upstairs blaring their music again. Want me to go?" I asked her.
"Well, if Annie and I don't want to go, then go ahead. Now let me be." Then she went back to sleep, snoring.
I rolled my eyes and put on my fuzzy bunny slippers. I had my hair all up messy. I walked up the stairs and loudly pounded on the door with droopy eyes. The music was turned down when I knocked. The door slowly opened with a boy with brown messy hair holding a baseball bat. He had his eyes closed.
"Nice baseball bat." I said jokingly and he opened his eyes and put down the baseball bat.
"Nice hair." He said back jokingly and calmly.
I rolled my eyes, "Like I get up at 2:48 am to please someone." I said rather rudely.
He chuckled, "Now, why exactly are you here at almost 3:00 in the morning?"
"A better question would be why you're blaring music at full volume waking me up? Having a party I'm assuming."
"Nah, it's just my band mates and I here trying to fall asleep."
I had a confused look on my face, "Well, okay then. Just keep it down. Or use headphones?"
I went back downstairs and crawled into bed. The room was full of snores.

Louis' P.O.V aka boy with messy brown hair downstairs
I heard a loud alarming knock on the door, "Hey, Zayn. Turn the stereo down."
"Ughhh, who's up at this time?!" groaned Harry. I shushed him. I grabbed a baseball bat and slowly headed for the door, "Nice baseball bat." I slowly opened my eyes to see who it was. It was a girl with bedhead hair.
I scoffed, "Nice hair."
"Like I get up at 2:48 am to please someone." she said rather annoyed.
"Now, why exactly are you here at almost 3:00 in the morning?"
"A better question would be why you're blaring music at full volume waking me up? Having a party I'm assuming."
I explained to her what was going on. Which, of course, was the truth.
She stilled seemed confused, but didn't want to conversation to go on, "Well, okay then. Just keep it down. Or use headphones?" Then she was gone.
Oh so she lives downstairs, eh? I wonder if I can get her to come back so I can see her more often. She might be creepy and sleepy at this time, but I can only imagine her in the afternoon. I sighed at the thought. Harry and Liam poured me with questions, "So who was at the door?" Liam asked.
I shook my head, "No one," still smiling at the thought.
Harry turned to Liam, "It was a girl." Liam and Harry nodded. Then there was a pillow thrown at Harry. I looked at the direction it was thrown from.
"Keep it down will ya'?!" Niall said somewhat in his sleep. Then there was a pillow fight going on. Some involved couch cushions and knocking over lamps.

Karen's P.O.V
"Not again.." I mumbled to myself. "This time I am not going up." A few seconds later there was a crash from upstairs. The girls and I shot up instantly.
"What was that?" Jessie asked sounding terrified.
"Must be them again upstairs. Ignore them." I said calmly putting my head back on the pillow.
"We can not ignore that! What if they throw a chair our the window?! Someone's gotta go up there." Jessie still hugging her pillow for protection.
"How about all three of us go up?" Annie said standing up.
I shrugged my shoulders, "Worth a try."
We went upstairs and banged on the door. Annie kept kicking at the door.
"Jeez, calm down. They'll think we're criminals!" I said.
"NO WE'RE NOT MURDERS!" Annie said continuing to kick at the door.
The door opened and there was a boy with curly brown hair and green eyes.
"Why hellooo, ladies." He said smirking.
"Yeah, yeah nice to see you." Annie said in a rush.
"Is there a wild pillow fight going on?" I asked jokingly. He chuckled and shook his head ruffling his curls.
"Well then how come I see pillows flying in the background?" Annie said pushing the door open.
Then everything froze as if we were Midusa's sisters.
"Ohmygosh! Do I have something in my teeth?!" Jess said panicked.
"I'm not wearing pants, aren't I? I saw it in a dream once!" Annie said jokingly.
"I wish.." mumbled the boy with curly hair.
"Quit the noises or I'll be back with a knife." Annie threatened and left the room.
"She seriously will do that.." Jessie said and also left with me alone in the room.
"You've been warned. Well, bye. Guess I'll be coming back the next night?"
The girls and I went back to bed sound asleep with no interruptions.

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