I Got a Heart On For You-A George Weasley love story part 4

Chapter 1

Forbidden Love?

When I entered the Great Hall, Fred came up to talk to me. "What happened in there?" He asked. "I got off. 10 points from both me and Katie, but now Katie has detentions, and I only have to go speak to McGonagall tonight after supper." I told him. "Wow..and I think Oliver wants to talk to you as well. I think he said to meet him by the lake after supper." Fred smirked. "Oh, thanks, Fred. Wanna go sit somewhere?" We both went and took a seat at the Gryffindor table. What could Oliver possibly want? Talking about Quidditch? I am the Assistant Captain after all....but if it was Quidditch, he wouldn't invite me to talk about it privately near the lake. I had to go talk to McGonagall first though. I wouldn't want to risk any more detentions. After supper I rushed to McGonagalls office. I knocked on the door and soon a voice answered, "Come in!" I walked in and closed the door behind me. I took a seat in one of the comfy chairs in front of her desk. I must have had a weird look on my face, because she said, "Don't worry, your not in trouble. I just wanted to talk to you about your game plan for the Quidditch match against Slytherin this weekend." I was shocked. I really had nothing to say, as I have not talked about a game plan yet with Oliver. "Um...kick some butt." I said. McGonagall smiled. "I mean your real game plan." "Well, Professor...that kind of is my game plan for right now. Oliver and I were planing on talking about it tonight, but I can let you know what it is once we figure it out." I said. "Thank you, Bri. That is all I wanted. You may leave now." She smiled and went back to marking some papers on her desk. I walked from the office. Well that was awkward..I thought. I went into the common room to grab a sweater. It was getting pretty cold outside. I walked down to the lake rubbing my arms. I could see my breath in the cold air. I could see Oliver by the lake with his hands in his coat pockets. "Hi, Oliver." I said. "Oh, hi Bri. I was starting to think you weren't coming." It made me feel guilty to hear him say that. "Im sorry. I had a meeting with Professor McGonagall. She wanted to discuss our game plan for the Quidditch match this weekend." "Why didnt she ask me?Im the actual Captain." He said. He looked kind of confused. "I was in her office today anyways I think. Because of..you know. The incident at practice." I started rocking back and forth on my heels. "Good one, by the way." He laughed. I smiled. "Bri..did you do that to Katie because of what is happening with her and George?" He suddenly became serious and take my hands in his. "Erm..yeah.." I looked down at our hands. Maybe this was alright. After all, George seemed to be interested in Katie, not me. Oliver quickly let go of my hands. "Sorry." He muttered. "No, it's ok." I reached back for his hands, and he smiled. "Anyways..um, game plan. What is it?" I asked. Oliver must have had it all planned out. He went into that little world he goes into when he talks about, or plays, Quidditch. "You know, I will never be able to remember this. You should just tell McGonagall yourself. It would sound much better coming from you." I smiled. He pulled a pad of paper from his back pocket and said, "I already have it written down. You could take that to her, if you want." He handed it too me. I pushed it back though. "Why don't we go together? I can give her the paper, and you can explain to her." I said. "Sounds good." We stood looking into each others eyes. Oliver started leaning in towards me. I wasn't leaning in, of course. But I wasn't moving backwards either. I didn't want to seem rude. His lips touched mine. I just stood there. I felt like a total idiot. Soon I pulled away. "I better get going." I said. I walked off towards the castle. I stopped myself and I turned around and looked at him, he looked hurt. I walked back towards him, I wrapped my arms around his neck and hugged him. We broke apart and I started walking up to the castle. "I need to go." I said. "Why don't we walk up together?" Oliver said, hope in his voice. "Sure, why not." I answered. I started walking up towards the castle - for the second time. Half way there he started holding my hand. I just left it. We got to the common room and before I went up to the girls dormitories, he gave me a kiss on the cheek. He walked away without saying a word. I walked like a zombie up to the dorm. The Quidditch practice really tired me out. I was asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.


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