Cold.....(A Harry Potter Fan-Fic)

Things will change from the book!

Chapter 1

Intro To Story

Aqua Frost:

Hunter Black:


God, and his priests, and his kings, all were waiting

That specific line came to mind as I saw Harry with the res standing beside him. He's their God, while they are his faithful priests and kings.

While they fought the biggest battle of their lifes, I fought mine. Trying to choose between him and what I raised up to do.

He is the Gryffindor of my heart, the brave lion who stoled it. While I'm the lamb who was sent off to slaughter, a slaughter that I prefer he do.

"What you are given can't be forgotten,"I said to myslef as I got up from the ground and picked up my wand.

I could see Harry, Hermione, and Ron running, fighting for their lives...just like the rest of them, like the rest of us.

"And never foresaken,"I continuedd as I dusted myself.

"That's right,"he spoke as I walked between them, caught between heaven and hell, "Make the right choice."

"But before you do,"said Hunter with a tremble in his voice,"Remember to listen to your heart and not your mind....only your heart."

"I'm sorry," I replied to both of them with tears thet burned in my eyes, as I turned to face the person, pointing my wand,"I've made my choice and this is it.....Avade Kedavra!"

The spell hit him, I saw how I had betrayed him through his eyes, as he fell to the ground with me. All my strength was gone from me....I was cold .....

"You know that you have to do your job, right?,"asked Hunter as he kept up with me.

"And what is my job?,"I asked as we made a left turn.

You spend six years in this school and you know every inch of it like the back of your palm. Every left and right turn you have to make to get to a specific place, every hide out place you can go when you want to miss class, and every secret passage.

"Study and pass, after all, isn't that what we came here fo?,"he asked as we entered the court yard.

"Hey, what is that?,"I heard a girl exclaimed pointing to the sky.

We all looked up to see something falling. No, not something but someone. He made a loud noise as he. He fell on the ground. The worst sound was when his head rebounded on the ground, making all of us back off. It was like you could hear his head break.

A lot of student went and checked if it was real, if Dumbledore had died. Hunter was one of them.

"It has begun,"I whispered to myself,"The hunt has begun."

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