Under The Shadow Of My Own Life

Story that came off the top of my head, hope you enjoy. Comment and stuff too :D

Chapter 1


I stare out the window and watch the rain as it pounds the sidewalks of the Academy and a knock on my door startles me, "Danae, you in there?"
I open the door and find myself standing in front of Lexan Grey, the guy from my Genetics class who I sit next to. I open my mouth to say something but he walks inside and closes the door. His hair is mussed and his usually laughter filled eyes seem empty and hollow.
"What's wrong?" I ask and he sighs.
"Just about everything, I came to you because-well, damn. I don't know. But something went wrong, Danae, something's going on at the Academy." Lexan takes a step closer to me and I frown.
"Okay, let's sit down and talk?" I say and lead him to the couch where he sits down and frowns. He closes his eyes and leans his head against the couch and then says,"You're the first girl to come to Academy. Before you it was an all-boys school, and before it was an all-boys school, it belonged to the Regulation. It was a Lab for their experiments and most of the experiments were kept underground, except for one."
"What does that have to do with the Academy though? And does. This have anything to with me?" I stare at Lexan and his face is filled with two emotions: pain and sorrow.
"I'm sorry, Danae. But the Regulation released one experiment. She was only two, she was adopted and she is a Class X cyborg. And you know what they can do, she was supposed to be kept in Hibernation until she was nineteen. You are the only living Class X cyborg left on this planet." Lexan drops a bomb and unable to handle the news everything starts to turn black.
My life is a lie.

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