the best percy jackson links eva!!!! MUST READ IF YOU ARE A PERCY JACKSON FAN :)

Here is some awosme links!
therre are laso percy jackson games i can give you!

Chapter 1

the links

Here you go, if you want more links to percy Jackson awesomeness message me!

Sneak peek at part of the movie being filmed in Vancouver! :

A little info on who and what is in the film (yes I know this wiki just read it!)

A random British Rick site. Also has videos! (one of my favs) :

A fan site ! Also look around more on this site it is awesome:

A site with all the rick rordian you want:

A percy Jackson book site has a lot of different books I had never heard of that have to do with the sirers rick made:

A site about the heroes of Olympus:

the first chapter of the mark of Athena:


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