crazy day(Or kind of depressing)

Chapter 1

sorry I forgot to log out

by: _Terbear_
So I went to visit my nana's house and I ended up find out my family tree.
Most of my relitives died when I was litte or before I was born. I only have the basic's (MInus the dad) And It was crazy finding out I had alot of basically strangers for family. And all the horrible things they went through and how They died was tragic. So I am in a down mood today. Plus thinking about my could have been granmother,who died at the age of 12 from stavation (My great grandmother was a horrible mother) . This is like the first generaion that seemed ok. Who would think they went through that much suffering.

sorry about that stupid rant. anyways I forgot to log out so didnt ignore anyone ok.Im going to check the messages now. .


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