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Chapter 1


So, I had this dream related to Harry Potter and I want to turn it into a story, 'cause it was an awsome dream! I got some questions though, but first:

In the dream was about two people, who aren't in the books at all, a boy and a girl who fall in love but one has a major secret that will tear them apart. It took place during the last battle.

In my dream there was a song playing over and over, it was Cold by Lucy Schwartz and Aqualung, and it fit like the whole dream. Which means if I make the story it will be the main song for it.

Okay, so the question is, if I make it should I make about the two people I saw in my dream or with one of the characters from the actual books/movies?

It will be in the girl's POV, and is you want it with an actual character from the books/movies who should it be(Like Harry, Ron, Draco, Seamus, ect.)? Remember this is the character who the girls falls for, and it could be any character that is or used to be a student(Like Fred, Oliver, George, ect.)

And which title do you like best:
-All Will Wait, As They Go Over
-Held Between Heaven And Hell
-Hex For The Lion And Lamb
-Their Hearts Are Haunting
-Still Hunts Hope
-God, And His Priests, And His Kings
-Even They Feel The Cold

Name For Main Character:

Last Name:


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