Rosalie's Mom's Last Letter

This is the last letter Rosalie sent her mom. It tells her everything that happened.

Chapter 1

The Letter

Dear Mom,

I know you and daddy must be worried sick that you don’t know what happened to me. You know it’s not like me to just run off like this. I don’t know what Royce may have told you but whatever it was, it is a lie. I’m writing this letter to tell you the truth about what really happened that night. As of now you may have heard about the death of Royce and his friends. I did that, I killed them one by one. Mom, they deserved it and much more. They actually got off fairly easily and I’m not at all sorry about what I’ve done. They are the reason I am and will always be a monster.

The night I went missing I ran into Royce and his friends on my way home from Vera’s house. They were all drunk as skunks and acting inappropriately. Royce began touching me indecently in front of everyone. I tried to push him off but that did not stop him, it only made him mad. They rapped me, mom. The man you wanted me to marry did vile things to me and left me on the side of the road, naked, beaten and nearly dead, like trash.

Thanks to a man I now call my father I am not dead, in a sense I am dead. Carlisle turned me into a vampire that night in order to keep me from leaving this world. Do not blame yourself for my death but I did want you to know that I am okay. It’s hard adjusting to being a vampire, it’s not easy knowing things I have always wanted will never happen for me. I will never get anymore beauty sleep, probably never get married, have children, grow old or even die.

Please stop looking for me, I will never be able to come back to Rochester as long there are people that will recognize me there. Do not speak a word of this to father. I do not want him to worry about me and blaming himself. I will watch over you from a distance. I will always love you. Give the boys a kiss for me and tell them I will always be in their hearts.


Rosalie Lillian Hale


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