White Rose....(Twilight Love Story-Remake)

White Rose....(Twilight Love Story-Remake)

Okay So This Is Different From The Books/Movies!!!

It's Going To Be A Brady Fuller(A Wolf) Love Story!

Chapter 1

Character/ So Much Drama

That Is Brady On The Left
Picture On Top Is Rosabell

Things That Will Change:
Rosalie is Bella's older sister(Sorry If You Don't Like That)

Name: Rosabell Marie Cullen
Nicknames: Rosa, Bells
Father: Emmett Cullen
Mother: Rosalie Cullen(Swan)
Age: Stuck At 18
Is Half Human And Half Vampire; Like Ness
Power: Reads Minds
Extra Info: Is Daddy's and Mommy's Little Girl, Doesn't have the greaster relationship with Ness.

I woke up to my alarm beeping full blast. I could hear my family downstairs, I could also the stove beeping. My mom is probably making me some breakfast.
"Sweetie come down and eat,"I heard her whisper, she knew I was up by my breathing.
"Coming mom, let me just brush my teeth,"I whispered back, while getting up and walking towards my bathroom.
When I was done brushing my teeth I put my hair in a messy ponytail, I was just to lazy to do aything right now.
"Hi grama, hi grampa,"I said as soon I got downstairs and saw them. I gave them a hug.
"Hi sweetie,"replied my grama, Esme, and my grampa, Carlisle, simply smiled.
"What about us?,"asked my dad entering the dinning room with a plate.
"I mean, we did make you breakfast,"my mom continued as she followed my dad out with a glass of Orange Juice.
"Of course, Morining,"I said as I hugged them both thight, while they kissed the top of my head.
I sat down and enjoyed my breakfast, it was delicious as always.
"Morning!,"I heard a chearpy voice excaime, Alice!
"Morning,"we all replied as she entered the kitchen with uncle Jazz, Aunt Alice quickly came and gave me a hug, but uncle Jaz stayed behind, last time he gave me a hug I almost became his meal. I gave a sweet smile and he returned it.
"How's my favorite niece?,"asked Alice.
"Good, though a bit hungry,"I replied.
"Always,"she whispered rolling her eyes.
"I think you're not hungry for food,"said my mom pointing at her eyes. I have light blue eyes and when I'm hungry they turn navy.
"Oh, that's why,"I said putting my fork down.
"You could never tell the diffirence,"said Jazz, which made me blush.
We were all having a gret time, and I knew it wasn't long before aunt Bella and uncle Edward show up.
Edward is my favorite uncle, we understand each other pretty well, plus, we have secret conversations which makes everybody go insane.
"Hi,"I heard Edward's voice say from the living room.
"Hi,"we all replied entering the living room.
"There she is, give me a hug,"he said giving me a big hug,"and you need to eat."
"Where's Ness?,"asked my mom, I made a bit of face making my dad and uncle Jazz chuckle.
Me and Ness aren't the best of friends. We used to be really close, but once we entered high school it was a whole different level.
"Out with Jacob,"replied Bella looking down.
"Well, people I'm going to go hunt...anyone want to come?,"I asked.
"I'll go,"my dad quickly volunteered, always being so over protective.
"But you went yesterday,"said Edward walking next to me.
"Yeah, but if Alec and Jane come I don't want her alone,"explained my dad as all three took off.
"Got a point,"replied Edward.
Alec and I are best friends, even though he is part of the Volturi. Jane doesn't like me so much, considering her brother likes me but I can't corespond the feeling.
Uncle Aro, I call him like that even though we aren't related at all, send them to check up on me and Ness every now and then.

We heard a commotion going on inside, the pack must be here. I ran inside to be caught in an embrace between Jared and Paul.
Jared and Paul are my total best wolfs, since I was little. They have always been there for me and I'm greatful for it.
"Hey guys,"I replied as they let me go.
"Bells you're covered in blood,"exclaimed Paul making a face, which made my mom ran over to me.
Even thought I'm really close to the pack, my mom isn't for some reason. She loaths them, but I don't know why. The pack are actually really friendly!
"Paul, stop being such a girl!,"I exclaimed,"Is just some dots from the deer, I'll go change."
I went upstairs into my room and took a quick cold shower and changed into some everyday clothes.
When I got downstairs they were all on the living room watching a football game. Everywhere was full, even the floor. Almost everybody turned and looked at me, Ness scowlin whe she did. Last time we saw each other we got into a fight.
Embry and Seth quickly patted their laps making a low rumbling come from dad's chest.
"Dad stop being so over protective,"I said sitting down in his lap like when I was a little girl.
"When are you gonna stop being such a baby!,"exclaimed Ness, who was sitting next to Jacob.
"Ness don't start!,"I heard Jacob whisper.
I ignored her, trying to stay calm and not make this into a big deal. But appearntly Ms. Wanna Be didn't have the same view on things, but then again when does she.
"I'm talking to you!,"she yelled as I felt a sharp pain in the back of my head.
"Ness!,"exclaimed Bella.
I looked down to see the remote on the ground with a couple of blood drops. I touched the back of my head feeling something thick.
"Ow,"I whispered as my mother appeared next to me in a flash.
"Get Jasper out of here now!,"exclaimed Edward standing up. Jared, Paul, Seth, and Alice quickly went and dragged Jasper out of the room.
"Let me see that,"said grampa as he knelt beside me and my father,"It looks like you're going to need some stiches."
"Look what you've done!,"my mother exclaimed looking at Ness.
"Rose I'm sorry,"Edward and Bella said at the same time.
"Is okay,"I said before my mom could reply, knowing her temper already.
"No is not! You could be seriously hurt,"said Bella pacing in her little corner.
"And Jasper would have attacked you,"added Edward,"Ness,"he continued turning to his daughter,"You are grounded until we say you're not."
"But dad I have a party with Mary and June this Saturday!,"she exclaimed right back.
"Oh no you don't,"said Bella.
"Ugh!,"said Ness annoyed as she ran off, Jacob followed her out.
"Let me take you to downstairs so I can have some x-rays done,"said grampa trying to take me from my dad, but he wouldn't let go.
"I'll go with you,"my dad said standing up with me,"How are you feeling?"
"A bit..light headed,"I admitted shaking my head, making it hurt more.

I was in the livng room, waiting for my results. I got five stiches, it hurt like hell! I had to grabbed onto my dad's hand as grampa did them.
"Again, I'm so sorry,"said Bella. She's been saying the same thing since the accident, which was about two hours ago.
"Is okay, don't worry,"I said standing up and hugging her.
"That looks painful,"she said as she let go of me.
"It was,"I replied.
"Tell me about, she almost ripped my hand off,"said my dad with a smirk.
"Okay, so I got the results aren't that bad,"said grampa entering the room,"No major enjuries, but you need to take care of it if you don't want to turn it into something major."
"Thank God,"I heard Bella say under her breath.
"Um...Rosa why don't you go up and lay down, it would be best,"said Edward, he seemed kinda off. I tried to read his mind, but it was blocked.
"Um...sure,"I said going upstairs to my room and laying down, blocking everything and everybody out.

Edward's POV
"What is it?,"asked Bella as soon as Rosa was out of shoot.
"Um...Rose,"I said.
"Yeah?,"she asked.
"He's on his way over,"I replied knowing she'll get it. She quickly got up and ran outside, the boy she had forbbiden to see her daughter was finally on his way over.
"Brady is on his way,"I said to the rest. As soon as I said we were all outside with Rose, not wanting her to do something dumb.

Brady's POV
I saw what Ness did to Rosabell, Paul was thinking about it when we were on patrol.
God, if Ness wasn't Jake's imprint she would've of been dead by now. Why? Well, simply because she hurt my imprint!
I imprinted on Rosabell the first time I saw her, just like Jake did with Ness. Rose didn't take it as well as Bella though, she told me to stay away from her, and being the mother I had to obey her.
But I have had enough, it's been too long since I've seen her. Is about time to see her again.
I felt the pack behind me, trying to reach me and stop. Which only made me run faster, there's nothing that can stop me.


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