I Got a Heart on For You-A George Weasley love story part 3

Some of these following chapters got inspiration from a song called Better Than Revenge by Taylor Swift.

And of course, everything that happens with Fred is just friendly stuff.

Chapter 1

She took him faster then you could say Quidditch

I sat up and rubbed the sleep from my eyes. I didn't want to get up. I felt odd for some reason. I can't stay in bed all day. And it's the weekend. The weekend is when you have fun, not sleep. Once I got dressed, I walked down to the common room, half asleep. What I saw woke me up right away. Katie Bell and George sitting in front of the fire holding hands. My eyes were wide. In my opinion, George looked like he was kind of high. Katie wore a proud look on her face when she saw me. When Katie turned back, George kissed her on the cheek. Tears flooded into my eyes. Katie turned and walked out of the common room. George just stared dreamily after her. He didn't even notice I was in the common room. I clapped my hand over my mouth so he couldn't hear my sobbing. The tears were coming fast now, and I couldn't control them. I turned around and ran back up to the dormitories so George wouldn't see me. Once I was there I was shaking. I dropped onto my knees and started crying. I must have eventually cried myself to sleep because I woke to Angelina coming to get me for lunch.

I walked down to the Great Hall with my arms crossed. My eyes were still red from crying. I sat down all alone at the Gryffindor table, away from everybody. I heard footsteps behind me, and someone put their hands over my eyes. "Guess who." Whoever it was said. "George?!" I started to get excited. "Um..not quite." Fred said. He came and sat down beside me. "Oh, that's ok.." I started pushing the food around on my plate with my fork. "I'm so sorry Bri." Fred said. He wrapped his arms around me in a hug. I hugged him back. I needed somebody to hug. We ate lunch together, and he kept telling jokes to make me laugh. It made me feel good inside. He told me his own experiances, and that Katie had cheated on him. "She did that to you?" I asked. "Yeah." Fred said. "She is such a git." I stared down at my plate. Fred was quick to change the subject, now that the conversation had died. "Did you hear that we have a Quidditch practice tonight?" he asked. "No, I didn't." I said. "Well it's just after lunch, so do you wanna head down to the pitch a bit early?" "Sure." We got up and left. We practiced throwing a Quaffle around for me. And then I aimed some Bludgers at Fred for him to hit. Then we stopped to wait for the others and talked for a bit on the bench. "You know Bri...I don't think George is doing this all by himself. He would never do that to anybody ecspecially you. He really loves you. I know he does." Fred put his arm around me, and gave me a reassuring squeeze. "What is it then? Why is he doing this?" I said, resting my head on his shoulder. "I have heard rumors that she has used love potions before." Fred said. "I have heard that...but I don't know if it's true. I thought the school banned stuff like that." I turned and saw Katie and George walking to the Quidditch pitch, hand in hand. Tears started to flood my eyes. ``Bri, don`t cry. Don`t look. You know it`s something about Katie. Not George.`` Fred said `` I know." I pushed my bangs out of my face. "Oi! Let's get moving" I herd Oliver yell. We spilt up the team and had a practice game for the the upcoming Gryffindor vs. Slytherin game. When the game was over George flew over to Katie, and congratulated her on scoring, and kissed her on the cheek. "Thanks Georgie." Katie smiled. Fred was glancing over at me, waiting for my reaction. He didnt like to see me crying. He came up beside me and asked, "Are you ok?" "Im fine." I said. "Can I borrow that?" I held out my hand. I needed to borrow the Beaters Bat. "Um, sure. What do you need it for?" Fred handed it over and looked at me suspiciously. "Oh, nothing." I smirked. Soon a Bludger came flying by me. I swung the bat and made contact with the flying ball. The Bludger flew towards Katie and hit her in the back. I had hit my target. Her body jerked forward from the impact, and she fell forward off her broom. She landed on her stomach on the grass. Everyone gasped. George quickly ran over to her. I heard her sobbing and spitting the grass out of her mouth. Freds eyes were wide open in shock. "Wow Bri. You have some good aim. Im sure you could be a Beater if you werent a Chaser." I laughed. I looked down at her and started to feel a little bad for what I did. But who cares? Nothing life threathening. Just a little payback. Fred and I put our brooms in the broomshed and started heading towards the castle. I heard people talking behind us. There were whispers of, "I cant belive she did that." and "That was so funny!" Turns out it wasnt just me that Katie had did that too. She was just lucky we were lower to the ground, since the practice was over. "You git!" I heard someone shriek from behind me. I turned and saw Katie angrily walking towards me. When she got close enough, she swung her hand at my face. I blocked the punch and gave her a hit to the stomach. She stumbled backwards, clutching her stomach. She pulled her wand from her Quidditch robes. I saw a flash of white light and I landed hard on my back, the force of the spell knocking me over. I quickly grabbed my wand. "Flipendo!" I screamed. She fell backwards, and grunted when she hit the ground. "Expelliarmus!" Katies wand flew from her hand and I caught it. "Ladies, ladies, that is quite enough!" I spun around and saw Professor McGonagall rushing towards us. I glaced over at Katie on the ground. "Give Miss Bell her wand, this instant." McGonagall said. I threw the wand in Katie's direction. "My office. Now." Katie and I followed McGonagall into the castle. I turned and saw Fred. He gave the thumbs up sign and mouthed to me that I would be fine. I smiled. Then George caught my eye. He had a look of horror on his face. Why couldnt he realize how horrible his new "girlfriend" was? We arrived at McGoagall's office. "Sit." I sat down, so did Katie Bell. "So why don't you start by telling me what happend Miss Carter." "Why does she get to tell you first!?" Katie said. "Because her story is the one that I am most likely to believe." McGonagall mumbled under her breath. I smiled. McGonagall was actually pretty cool. "So, Bri, you can tell your story now." I explained how I hit the Bludger at Katie. "So it was an accident?" McGonagall asked. "Yes." I replyed. "She isn't even a Beater!" Katie said crossing her arms angrily. "The Bludger came flying at me so I grabbed Fred's bat and hit it away. Self defense. It was either that or a Bludger to the face." I said before McGonagall could say anything. "How did it just so happen to hit ME out of all people, then?" Katie said. McGonagall opened her mouth to say something but I beat her to it. "How should I know? I hit it blindly. It was an accident." It was like McGonagall wasn't even there. Katie was about to say something but McGonagall cut in. "Would you be able to explain why you were dueling after the Quidditch practice then?" McGonagall crossed her hands on her desk. I spoke before Katie could. "Katie yelled and me and try to hit me in the face. I blocked it and hit her in the stomach. Again, self-defense. She pulled out her wand and shot a curse at me. I shot one back. Again, self defense. I Disarmed her I would not get injured. End of story." I said. "Katie, that is not acceptable." McGonagall said. "But Professor--!" Katie insisted. "No, Miss Bell. I don't need to hear your side of the story. Bri's side is quite enough. What you did is definitely not acceptable, Katie. 10 points from each of you, even though Bri used self-defense. And Katie, since you started it, I think you and I should have a couple detentions, dont you?" Katie opened her mouth to protest, but shut it again quickly. You could see the anger on her face. "Bri, we could have a chat in my office after supper tonight as well. You may leave now." I nodded and walked from the room. I couldnt help but smiling. I had barely told a lie. And I guess it helps when your a better student. After all, there is nothing I do better then revenge.


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