The Girl In The Jacket (They are kind of short chapters)

A mystery...

Chapter 1

How It All Started

Jessica was an ordinary girl. But one day she met Hauna, the misfit. Known for a jacket wit a bleeding knife also saying 'GO AWAY', Hauna was always treated, well... different as a kid. Everyone says ominous things happen when you get near her. For instance...

It was a dark night, in the middle of November. Jessica Parkison was strolling down Whitesburg Court when a dark figure crossed her path, a mirror-like object held in her hand. She raised as Jessica realized what was happening. She suddenly felt a stab through her heart and fell to the ground with a thud. But instead of a feeling of nothing, she felt herself rise and say "I am at your service," without knowing what she was doing.

* * *

Emily sat atop the hill in her backyard, gazing out at the sunset. She heard her Mom call her to dinner at the bottom of the hill, but she ignored it. She was scared. A mass murderer was on the loose and everyone had gone into hiding, except her family. Her parents scarcly let her outside anymore.

She finally decided to get up and go eat. Tonight Mom had made spaghetti, her favorite meal! As she pushed open the back door, her dog Stacie jumped up and caught her skirt, pulling herself up to face Emily. She licked her face until it felt like there had been a hurricane outside just then. She waved hi to her Mom and smiled, then sat down to eat her spaghetti.

She smiled as she looked up at the photos on the walls. Her 11th birthday had only been months ago, and her laughing face was already up on the wall. She looked to the right of the picture and found herself staring at her Dad who had told her just a week ago that she could come to Iowa later. He was visiting relatives and trying to find work. If he could make enough money, he pay for a house and she and her Mom could come live with him.

She twirled up a spoonful of spaghetti and shoved in her mouth. She couldn't wait! She wanted to get out of here! All of her friends had already moved and a killer could be running around her neighborhood right now! At that thought, she jerked her head to the right to look out the window.

"Emily, don't do that!" Her Mom scolded. "You'll twist a nerve! It's not healthy!"

Emily sighed and started playing with her noodles. She flung one on the floor and Stacie skidded across the floor and licked it up. She thought about what it was like like out of the Louisiana suberbs; in the country. What was her Dad doing? What was his job? How much money had he made? When would they move?

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