~More than Magic Draco Malfoy Love Story~

~More than Magic Draco Malfoy Love Story~

Okay, well, i decided that i would try and write a Draco love story, but, it probably isnt good, because idk, you might be asking "if you stink, why are you going to write one?" the answer to that is that i have nothing to lose, so here goes nothing.....

Chapter 1

Dinner at the Malfoy's

Character Info:
Name: Victoria Brookes
House:Slytherin (though she is not dark, neither is her family, they are nuetral)
Hair: Long, raven black with natural, perfect curls
Height:Short, about 5' 0''
Blood: Pureblood, very pureblood
About:She is very pretty, though she is modest, she has a sense of humor, and though she doesnt do it very often, a great prankster, her family is nuetral. Her parents are very close to the malfoys, they do not know for certain about whether they are deatheaters, though they have a hunch. Victoria has never seen Draco before, though they are in the same year and house at Hogwarts. The story starts during the summer after her 4th year.
(Victoria's POV)

"Mistress Brookes must be awakened, but how? Kalla could shake her, or pour water on her, but then Kala must punish herself, or Kala could jump on the bed.........Kala will shake her gently, yes she will"

I heard my house elf debating how to wake me up, so l decided to just let her know l was awake. "It's alright Kala, im already up", l said to the petiete little creature who was perched on my bed post. "Ahhh, good morning Mistress Brookes", she said happily, while smiling. l chuckled spftly, "its okay to call me Victoria, Kalla", i smiled warmly at my house elf, she was so sweet, absolutely adorable. Her face glowed with happiness at my comment. "Okay, Miss Victoria! l just came to ask what Miss Victoria would like for breakfast", she stated. "Hmmmm....how about some fruit and toast?", l asked. "Right away, Miss Victoria!", she squeaked, and left me in my room alone.

l decided that l would get dresses now, as l preffer to bathe at night.
http://www.polyvore.com/breakfast_with_kalla/set?id=41735478 As l finished putting on my boots, l heard Kalla crack into my room. "Miss Victoria, Kalla would like to tell you that breakfast is finished. Miss Victoria's parents, Master and Mistress Brookes had to leave for work early, so it will only be you. Would Miss Victoria like to eat in the grand dining hall or the casual dining room?" I thought for a moment before deciding to eat in the grand dining hall, since l loved the windows there. "Would you like to join me for breakfast this morning Kalla?", l asked the small elf before me. "Oh, it would be an honor Miss Victoria!!", she squealed with excitement.

As we decended the grand staircase, l held onto Kalla's hand. She was very please with this action, and led the way down the staircase much faster than usual. As we sat down at the long table, l noticed that my parents places at the table looked perfectly neat, as though they had not eaten, which was typical of them, they were slight workaholics, so they usually left with only coffee. "What would Miss Victoria like to drink?", Kalla asked me. "Ummm...how about a caramel frappachino?", l asked. "Coming right up Miss Victoria!".

After Kalla and l had finished eating and l helped her clean up, we decided to head into the library. l had tought Kalla to read when l first learned. Kalla and l were like friends more than servant and master. She was my house elf, and l loved her, as she did me.

After spending hours in the library, like we both loved to do, we went to go eat lunch. "What would Miss Victoria like for lunch?", Kalla inquired. "How about some pasta salad with some parmesean cheese?", l informed my small elf. She smiled and went to prepare it immeadietly (sorry, sp). We ate a delicious lunch, and as Kalla and l were cleaning, the doorbell rang.

"I will get it Kalla, you can just finish up those dishes and then we can be done", l told her as l exited the kitchen. As l made my way towards the door, l wondered who it could be. I paused for a moment to fix my hair before opening the french doors.

And there, on my doorstep, stood Mrs.Malfoy. She was like the Aunt l never had. "Oh, hello Mrs. Malfoy, its wonderfull to see you again!", l greeted her. "Oh, sweetheart, you can call me Narcissa". "Well Narcissa, please come in!", i said. As she entered, l took in her outfit. lt was absolutely gorgeous! "Narcissa, you must tell me where you do your shopping! You're outfits are always so adorable!", l complimented her, though it was 100% true. "Why thank you", she said, smoothing out her skirt while doing so.

"Narcissa, would you like some lunch, or something to drink?", l asked the pale haired woman. "I think l will take you up on tha offer Victoria",she said. l called Kalla and she treated Narcissa with upmost respect. "What would Mistress Malfoy like to drink?", she asked. "A glass of ice water would be wonderfull", Narcissa replied.

After Kalla brought Narcissa her drink, l asked,"Narcissa, to what do l owe the pleasure of having you in my home?". "Oh, yes, well you see, l would like to ask your family, and you of course my dear, to Malfoy Mannor for the remainder of the Summer holidays. Draco is having his 15th birthday party at our Mannor and would like nothing better than to meet you and see your parents once again. You would also stay before and after of course.", she finished. l could sense longing in her voice and could see it in her beautiful grey eyes. l was excited about this and really would love to go. "Well Narcissa, my parents are at work at the moment, however, i would love to go, i just have to ask, though im sure they will agree. They love your family, as do l", l replied. She seemed excited and after promising to ask at dinner this evening, she was on her way.

AN: Okay,well please tell me what you think, so that l know if it is worth continuing. l want to know your honest opinion, i wont get offended if you give me a bad review since i am asking for honesty here.I would like to get atleast 2 comments for each chapter, though if only one person wants me to continue, i will. I need to know if you want me to continue though, because if you dont tell me, i wont know. Thanks for reading, :)

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