And I Love Her- Paul McCartney Love Story


Since 'Twist and Shout' has gotten pretty good feedback, I'm starting a new Beatles love story, about (obviously) Paul McCartney, and a girl named Jessalyn. That's pretty much the basics... so (as always) enjoy! :)
(This is a work of fiction, so if something's not plausible... well, it's just a story)

Chapter 1

I Saw Her/Him Standing There

Friday, March 25th, 1960- Liverpool, England

Another day, another pop quiz in math. And science. And english. And I wasn't prepared for any of those class quizzes. God, High school sucks.
When my last class of the day, Geography, ended, I tried to leave as fast as I could, but my evil teacher, Ms. Millar, stopped me.
"Jessalyn Landerhol? Can I speak to you, please?" she asked in her nasal, high-pitched voice.
"Yes, Ms. Millar?" I asked as sweetly as I could with a HUGE fake smile on my face.
She scowled at me from behind her thick glasses perched on her nose. "I just graded your test from last week. I'll need you to have your parents sign and return it to me."
I looked at my mark. "What!? C-!? But, Ms. Millar, I worked really hard on this!" I cried out.
"You may have worked hard,Miss Landerhol, but Hamburg is in Germany, not France, and Sicily is it's own country, not the capital of Italy, and-"
"Ok, I get it. I failed. I'll get it back next class," I interrupted, not needing to hear any more about it, and walked out to my locker.
As I retrieved all the things I would need for the weekend, I started to silently freak out. My Father, Mother, and older sister are the perfect family, so they expect me to be their 'good little Christian girl' who gets straight A's. I am anything but that, but somehow I still got great marks. Well, up until today, at least.
I'm also not the 'good little girl' Daddy wants; I dress in age-appropriate dresses, but I always wear my leather jacket (that Daddy doesn't know exists) at school. He would die if he knew I own it, and he would also die if he knew I skipped school sometimes, but what he doesn't know won't hurt him.
But when he sees my mark, he will know that I'm not an honor-roll student, and because of that, he'll probably ground me for life.
I walked outside in a daze, focused on what he will do. No tele for a week? No leaving the house at all except school for a week? A month? Maybe he'd even take away my-
I ran into someone and was knocked over. My books went flying.
"Oh my God, I'm so sorry, love! I wasn't looking, I'm so sorry!" A sincere-sounding male voice said. I looked up into a pair of dark hazel eyes that belonged to a very handsome face and couldn't reply. "Here, let me help you up," he said, and held his hand out to me. I took it and hopped up.
The guy looked at my books scattered about. "My God, I'm so sor-"
"It's alright, I wasn't paying attention either," I said, and started picking up my books. He smiled at me, bent down and started to help. "Oh, you don't have to help, I've got them," I said.
"No, I made the mess, so I should help clean it up," he argued.
We both stood up, and he handed me the rest of my books. I stuck out my hand. "Thanks, I'm Jessalyn," I introduced.
"Pleasure to meet you, Jessalyn, however painful." We both laughed. "I'm James. Er- I mean, I'm Paul," he said, shaking my hand.
"So... which is it? James or Paul?" I asked.
"Well my first name is James, but I go by my middle name, Paul," he said.
"Well then, it's nice to meet you too, Paul," I said, and started to walk away, but Paul stopped me by the arm.
"Jessalyn... how old are you?" Paul asked.
"Uh... I'm turning 17 soon," I replied. "Why do you ask?"
"Just wondering. I'm turning 18 soon, but I wanted to know if we would have classes together," he explained.
"Oh, alright then."
"You wouldn't happen to be into rock 'n' roll, would you?" he asked hesitantly.
"Actually, as a matter of fact, I am," I said.
"Well if you'd like to you should see me and my band perform. We aren't amazing, but we're pretty good."
I considered that. "Where do you perform?"
"The Casbah Club. We perform most Friday and Saturday nights, but sometimes we perform other days, too," he said.
"Sounds gear. I'll try to come tonight," I said, and Paul smiled.
"Fab! See you later, Jessalyn!" He gently grabbed my hand and kissed the back of it before turning around and running off.
"God, he's cute," I thought, "But really, for all I know, he's dating someone!"
So I dropped all Paul-related thoughts and again started thinking about my punishment as I slowly walked home.

I walked up our walkway, looking up at my house.
It was bigger than most peoples; it had 3 full stories, a fourth floor that wasn't a main floor, (more of an attic,) a basement, and a pretty big backyard.
My bedroom is on the 4th floor. It's only the one bedroom up there, but it's a fair size. My older sister Isabelle originally wanted it, because it has a small balcony that faces the backyard, and she thought it was 'Romeo and Julietesque,' but the stairs leadig up to it are narrow and steep, and she always felt like she was locked away in a tower, so I got it instead. (Personally, I think she made a foolish mistake, but hey, I got an amazing bedroom out of it!)
It's annoying though; because the spare bedrooms are on the third floor, so guests usually come into my room to look at the balcony in the dead of night. I'm glad my family usually doesn't invite people over.
I opened and closed the front door silently and froze. It sounded like they were in the living room, so I knew I had to run to the stairs like a (silent) madman.
I booked it across the hall as fast as possible. 'Yes! I made it!' I thought. The floors up to my room were all carpeted, so I'd be quieter than a mouse. Still, I didn't want to take a chance, so I crawled my way up the stairs and down the hallways until I reached the flight of stairs that would let me finally escape to my 'tower'.
'Oh, no!' I thought. I forgot the stairs are wooden!
So I started to get up and-
"What on Earth are you doing, Jessalyn?" my fathers booming voice asked.
"Oh! Hi, Daddy! I'm just... uh... looking... for an earring! Found it!" I said with a smile.
"Why didn't you come tell us about your day?" he questioned.
"Sorry, I'm just really tired today," I lied.
My father stared at me, trying to see if I was lying. His cold, dark blue eyes scanned my face. I looked at his not-yet-greying blonde hair that he always kept pretty short and was always parted exactly in the middle. He must not have seen my 'lying face,' because he said, 'Alright."
"Yeah, so can I just go take a nap now?" I asked.
"In a minute. I heard you had a Geography test recently. Did you get it back yet?" he asked me.
"Wha... how did you know about that?"
"Oh, Mrs. Potter next door told me. Vanessa's in your class, right?"
'That little...' I thought to myself. Vanessa Potter has never liked me. She's always trying to ruin my life and now she probably succeeded. She told her mother about the test on purpose knowing she'd tell Father!
"Yes, she is, Daddy and... I did get my test back," I said sadly.
"Well? How did you do?" he asked.
I avoided eye contact with him, reached into my bag and pulled my test out. I hesitated for a moment before giving it to him.
He took it, saw the mark and was completely still. All emotion was gone from his face. I heard the grandfather clock down on the first floor.
Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.
Father started scanning his eyes through the test, seeing my answers. Right AND wrong.
Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.
He looked at me. Stared right into my soul. He looked back at my test, and sighed.
"Well, Jessalyn, I didn't want to do this, but it appears you need extra.... help, shall we call it." he said.
"I don't... understand, Daddy," I said.
"Jessalyn... when you told me you wanted to go to a normal school, I agreed, thinking you would do well. You're a smart girl, but this mark... what were you thinking!? The answers the the questions... especially Hamburg. You should've gotten that one. I'm just sorry that I have to..." he stopped and sighed loudly.
My heart was pounding. What's he going to do? It was one test! It shouldn't matter!
"Jessalyn. I'm afraid I'll have to send you to boarding school."
I was so shocked. And appalled. My own father would send me away over one lousy test!? I couldn't believe it. I ran upstairs to my room and slammed the door.
I paced in my room for a while thinking about it. Honestly. He was overreacting by so much! I mean, boarding school!? that seemed extreme. And here I thought he was reasonable!
"Jessalyn? Can I come in?" Isabelle asked.
"Don't you knock?" I snapped back.
knock knock knock "...Now can I come in?"
I groaned. "Fine."
The door opened halfway, and she walked in, smiling weakly. "Hey."
"What do you want?" I asked.
She sat on my bed and patted the spot next to her. I sat on the opposite side.
She sighed. "Daddy showed Mum and I your test. He said he wants to send you to boarding school." she said.
"What did Mum say?"
"I don't know. I came up here to talk to you before she said a word. But you know her, she won't agree. Worst case scenario, she'd suggest a tutor of some sort."
"I don't know, he may send me anyway..." I said.
"I'm not going to lie, Jessalyn, that test sucked, but I do think Daddy's overreacting. Still, it wouldn't hurt if you studied..." she trailed off.
"Easy for you to say, Isabelle! You've always been Daddy's favorite, his perfect, star-child, well brought up little girl! You get perfect marks, and now you're studying to be a nurse! And don't tell me you don't remember how often Daddy wishes aloud how much he wants us to nurse!" I yelled.
Isabelle looked at me as if I were insane. "God, Jessalyn, you are so naive!"
There was an eerie silence. "/What/!?" I wa sso shocked.
"You honestly think I'm perfect? First, I'm not Daddy's favorite! He's threatened the same with me many times more than he has with you! Second, Do you know how much of a rebel I was at your age? Way more than you! And lastly, my career choice is my choice. I wanted to be a nurse since I was little! Daddy did help decide what to do, but I'm not doing it for Daddy! It's for me, and me only!" Isabelle vented at me.
"Is that all?" I asked calmly.
"No! Look, Jessalyn, I came here to help you! I don't believe I'm Daddy's favorite, but-"
"I do!" I interrupted.
Isabelle shot me a look. "BUT, to make sure he doesn't send you away, I'll talk to him. He may not listen to just Mum, but he won't resist Mum and his little girls!" she said.
"Why? What's in it for you?" I aksed, suspicious.
"I get to keep my favorite sister!" she said, messing up my hair.
"I'm your only sister, Isabelle!" I said.
She winked and left, probably to talk to Daddy.
'She and I may feel like killing each other sometimes, but when it comes to helping me out, Isabelle's the best person to ask!' I thought to myself.
I had just completely relaxed my body and was prepared to have a nap when I shot up out of bed. I was so caught up in family drama I forgot about going to the Casbah Club to see Paul's band perform tonight!
I knew if I wanted to go- which I did- my Dad would never let me. Unless...
Ismiled widely. "Isabelle!" I yelled.
Bigger rebel than me my arse, Isabelle. ;)


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