I ALMOST DIED DX Not Really, Just Read

Chapter 1


Ok, so let me tell you about something dredful that happened to me just a few moments ago.
First, let me explain what kind of laptop and what kind of headphones I have. Oh, and what I was wearing, cause that is important in this story.
My laptop is a Windows 7, so it's pretty expensive. I do all my work on it, from stories to school and it had all my files saved on it.
My headphones are Sony. They hook around my ears. They are very good, but get hung on stuff easily.
I am currently wearing a japanese night clothing. So, it had the two places where you have to tie it. One of the bows are outside, so it gets hung against stuff.
I am currently home alone, my parents have gone out shopping for food. Now, I kept hearing sounds outside, like someone driving up. Putting my headphones down and my laptop on the couch, I casually got up. Suddenly, I felt a large tug and a loud bang. When I turned and looked, I realized that my laptop had falling off the couch, hit the ground on its side and that the screen was black. At first, I was confused. How did it fall? I was sure not to put it on the edge of the couch and my dogs were no where near it. Then I realized, with quite horror, that one of my headphones had hooked into the bow. Of course, my headphones where connected to the laptop, so when I got up to go look out the window, the headphone did not unconnect from my bow on my clothing and pulled down my laptop.
Now, if you have every dropped anything really, really worth a lot of money, you can imagine how fast my heart was going. I ran over, taking the headphone out of the bow and picked up the laptop. It was completely off, and for a split second, the thought of it never turning on and my parents exploding on me once they got home.
I pushed the power button and the screen lit up, with the familier start. I was not out of the blue yet. I paced around the house, not wanting to be there if the screen showed that my computer was not working normally. Though, once I cam back, I saw my logged in screen. I typed my password and in a was. Working all of the programs, I made sure that everything was working.

So here I am now, typing this, my heartbeat finally slowed down. Guess that teached my to make sure where both my headphones are.


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