Freedom in a Cage (A Starkid and Hunger Games Story)

I'm Julia, and this is my story about the Starkids being reaped for the Hunger Games. This is the 42 Hunger Games, so before the Book took place. I will probably switch POV but I will always say so when I do. Enjoy.

Chapter 2

District 11

Julia's POV
"Julia. JULIA! Wake up! The Reaping starts soon, and you don't want to be late!"
I moaned and rolled over, pulling my soft pillow over my head. My comforter was yanked off.
"FINE! Look, I'm up!"
"Good. Get dressed, we're leaving."
My mother clomped down the stairs and I quickly dressed, pulling the dress that had been laid out for me over my head.
On the table, I found a hunk of bread with cheese melted on it. I grabbed it and skipped out the door.
The streets were deserted. Thankfully, the square was just a street away from our family's small shop, so it didn't take me long to get there. I quickly merged with the nervous group of 15 year old girls, just in time. Maisey Block, our escort, thrust her pudgy hand into the girl's ball and began rifling around. I zoned out, searching the crowd for my friends. I know that most people are nervous during the reaping, scared even, but my chances weren't high at all. Our family was relatively well off, so there was no need for tesserae. My name was only 4 among thousands. There was almost no chance-
"Julia Albain."
Well there goes that reasoning.
I made my way towards the stage, keeping my head high. I couldn't help, however, the single tear that ran down my cheek as I took the stage.
I knew I didn't have a chance. I was soft, living a relatively pampered life in our comfortable shop. Sure I worked in the fields from time to time and I could climb pretty well, but what was climbing against a huge 18 year old with a spear? As if fate was reading my thoughts, the boy who climbed onto the stage next was gigantic, at least 6'5. I was basically already dead.
But I still had to try.
Jim's POV
I was up before everyone else, prowling the streets of District 11 in search of any small amount of food I may be able to bring back for my brother. There's a bird perching on the roof of a house. I sigh and pick up a rock. I hate killing the birds, but Jonah needs to eat. I throw the rock, hard, and the bird falls from the roof.
I slip across the street and pick up its limp body, carrying it back to our tiny shack. Pushing open the door, I see Jonah sprawled across our single pallet, fast asleep. Without waking him, I quickly start a fire and roast the bird, then wrap the food in a large leaf, storing it under my pillow for after the Reaping.
"Jim, people are starting to leave."
I spin around, spying Jonah sitting up on the pallet, rubbing his blue eyes in the morning light. He got the light coloring of our father, while I was left with our mother's dark hair and hazel eyes.
"Ok, Jonah, why don't you get dressed?"
Jonah clambered out of bed and came over to me, giving me a big hug before running to the box where we kept our clothes. He threw on a rumpled white shirt and nice pants, babbling about some dream he had about a bug named Bug who wanted to be a Starship Ranger. He had the funniest dreams sometimes.
I followed his lead, dressing in my best clothes, slowly and deliberately.
"Ji-/im/, we're going to be late!"
"Ok, ok, I'm ready. Lets go."
Jonah and I walked out of our shack, following the river of people leading to the main square.Once we arrived, I found my friend, Andre, and passed Jonah off to him. Jonah still had 5 years until he had to enter the Reaping. Thankfully, next year, I wouldn't have to risk leaving him.
I found the clump of 18 year olds and then stood there, waiting anxiously. Finally, our escort began the Reaping.
A short girl, Julia, was chosen first. She looked as if she was trying really hard not to cry.
Then it was time for the boys.
I desperately hoped it wouldn't be me. I couldn't leave Jonah alone. Ever since our parents died, I had been the one taking care of him, and I didn't think that he could take me leaving too.
"Jim Povolo."
Fvck. I walked to the stage, scanning the crowd for Jonah. He was standing with Andre. I could tell that he didn't quite understand yet.
I mounted the stage and took my place next to the girl, Julia. She looked the way I felt: terrified. I tried not to show it, though. I knew I looked intimidating, at 6'5 with well defined muscles. I could see our mentor perk up as he caught sight of me.
I zoned out during the long, dull Treaty of Treason, just focusing on Jonah as he began to cry. Then Julia and I shook hands.
After, I waited in the Justice Building. The door opened and Jonah came barreling in, crying openly. Andre followed, stony faced. I held Jonah, letting him cry himself out.
I lifted my head to look at Andre. "Will you take care of him?"
Andre nodded. I went back to Jonah. Finally, the peacekeepers came to tell me it was time to go. Jonah started yelling and clinging to me. Andre had to pry him from my neck and carry him out the door, screaming. I wiped off my tears and stood up. It was time to be tough.
I had to be tough, because if I wasn't, I wouldn't be able to return to Jonah.

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