Harry Potter Short stories :)) (headcannons)

Harry Potter Short stories :)) (headcannons)

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Chapter 1

I'll do 101 just for those harry potter fans

by: XxDobbyxX
HC 1. When Rose and Hugo were in their early teens they used to put Ron's name down as an entrant into muggle competitions. They loved seeing the delighted but confused look on his face when electric mixers and dvd players would show up on their doorstep addressed to Ron, with a congratulatory note along side it.

HC 2. George would give a special discount to any pair of twins that went to the joke shop.

HC 3. "Happy Birthday, Georgie," Molly said kindly, placing the first cake he'd ever recieved without two names. "It's just April Fools Day," George stood abruptly and walked out of the room. This was the first time no one laughed at the joke.

HC 4. The first year they were married, Hermione invited the Malfoys over for Christmas in an attempt to make Rose and Scorpius more comfortable. The dinner table was blown up during a spontaneous duel between Draco and Ron. Rose and Scorpius decided it would be best to alternate each year after that.

HC 5. The whole Weasley-Potter family attended the 428th Quidditch World Cup in 2018. They all put a bit of money togeather to buy a huge tent with 15 rooms, 4 bathrooms, 2 kitchens all in two levels. The two teams competing in the match were Britain and Peru. The game lasted six days and the final score 870-740. If Britain's seeker hadn't caught the snitch they were well on track to lose the game. They were 3 players down, and the other 4 were getting extremely tired when the seeker spotted the snitch and finally won the game. In celebration, James, Fred, Louis, Hugo and Albus decided that a display of fireworks from the family joke shop would be a good way to celebrate. They ended up accidentally blowing James into the sky, and landing in a crowed of angry Peru supporters.

HC 6. During a family camping trip, a confused James Sirius asked his aunt why she was putting up so many protecting enchantments around their campsite. Hermione snapped that they could never be too careful, while his father dragged him away to help set up tents, shaking his head.

HC 7. Rose Weasley was given a month of detention her third year for punching Scorpius Malfoy in the face. Over break, when her mother heard about it, she was livid, "Even if he is a Malfoy, there's no need to resort to violence...what?" She cut off, turning to look at Harry and Ron, who were staring at her pointedly. "Oh..." Hermione looked down sheepishly and never brought it up again.

HC 8. Rose Weasley was initially worried when at the announcement of her engagement to Scorpius Malfoy, her father began to swear loudly. She rolled her eyes when he proceeded to take out his wallet and shove fifteen galleons towards her grinning mother.

HC 9. George found the mirror of Erised once after the battle. He thought it was just a regular mirror, until the reflection winked at him and then he realized his reflection also had both if his ears.

HC 10. after the battle, the number of those who could see thestrals increased exponentially.

HC 11. During the summers between his years at Hogwarts, Teddy often found himself babysitting the Potter and Weasley kids. Their favourite thing to do was give him requests of faces to morph into, as their mothers had once done with his mother.

HC 12. Albus Potter and Scorpius Malfoy were both proudly sorted into Hufflepuff.

HC 14. After the battle, Luna and Neville dated for a while. They were happy, but the relationship never seemed to be going any where. Neville wanted to teach and Luna wanted to be a traveling journalist for the Quibbler. They both agreed it was for the best and remained very good friends.

HC 15. Before Dobby died, he married Winkey. Dobby not only left behind friends, but a wife and two younglings, a boy and a girl. They were born free.

HC 16. Teddy Lupin Changes The Color Of His Hair For Each Holiday

HC 17. Once a month, all the Weasley Grandchildren would meet at the Burrow for a family dinner-no exceptions-loss of limb wouldn't even get anyone out of it. It was there that Ron began to tell his famous bed time stories, about the adventures of the Royal Weasley family, and their adventures with Lord Harry and Lady Hermione. Ronald, the King of the Weasley's told stories of how the three of them took down a troll, killed a snake, fought with warewolves, competed in the Royal Weasley cup for Brilliant people, saved the Ministry of Magic and the whole world from the Control of Lord Voldy-Mouldy. All of which was true (even though exaggerated slightly)

HC 18. It took Scorpius only three hours to introduce himself to Rose Weasley and Albus Potter, as his father had told him to make friends with whoever he wanted to be friends with, and they looked like good people to have as friends.

HC 19. Scorpius always wondered about one particular scar on his father's arm, a long, rectangular one. After the Second Wizarding War was over, Draco tried to gouge the Dark Mark right off of his own arm and nearly died. He hated what he had done and who he had been and for him, getting rid of the tattoo was the first step.

HC 20. For months after the Battle of Hogwarts, Lavender never left her house.
It wasn’t until Hermione dropped in to check on her one day that she realised that her life would go nowhere if she stayed inside. Lavender showered, got dressed and got herself a job at a Muggle shop in London selling DVDs. She fell in love with a regular customer, someone who appreciated her for what she was, no matter the physical and emotional scars that came from her bravery.

Lavender Brown became Lavender Dursley-Brown a year later.

HC 21. Ron was initially confused when McGonnagall explained the second task; the part about picking who the champions "would sorely miss." He didn't understand why Harry had to save two people. When he realized that Hermione was there for Krum, an inexplicable wave of fury shot through him and for the first time, he realized that he might want something more than friendship with her

HC 22. Albus Severus was the youngest seeker since his father. Albus also was a natural born seeker, just like his father.

HC 23. Before Harry found them, McGonnagall swept by Ron and Hermione sitting on the broken steps. She paused and turned around, "About time," she said sternly, and nodded in approval, before she continued on her way.

HC 24. After the battle, Ron and Hermione were wandering the remains of the castle and came across the mirror of Erised. Ron remembered the mirror from his first year. But when they looked in it, all they saw was the two of them, together. As they walked away, all Ron could think was, "Huh, the mirror must be broken....." Then his face turned a brilliant shade of red as he came to a sudden realization.

HC 25. Draco never forgot his first love. He remembers when they met in his 3rd year. He will always love his green apple.

HC 26. Draco always admired Luna. He wished he had her courage and strength, then maybe he would have been able to stand up to his father.

HC 27. Draco found the mirror of Erised udring his 6th year when he was spending time in the room of requirement. He saw himself as a Gryffindore with true friends, not the ones his father had pre-approved.

HC 28. Lucius loved Draco very dearly. But he lived in so much fear because of the choices he made, he tried to distance himself from Draco in hope that he might not make his same mistakes.

HC 29. Professor Trellawaney never wanted to be a Seer. But in her family, it was the only way to be accepted. Either you have the inner eye, or you do your best to fake it.

HC 30. Luna and her father's eccentric way of life was their way of coping with the death of her mother.

HC 31. The only person who talked to Peter Pettigrew outside of classes was originally Severus Snape, before Peter immediately adopted the opinions of the three Gryffindor boys who took him under their wing.

HC 32. Charlie Weasley wanted to help Harry and Ginny raising Teddy Lupin. He was determined to give up on his job in Romania for him but he realized he couldn't stay in his presence for too long. He reminded him of Tonks too much and Charlie couldn't handle that

HC 33. The only person allowed to call him Albus (as opposed to Al) was Harry

HC 34. When they were in the end of their second year, Rose, Scorpius, and Al figured out a way to enchant their notebooks to work as a three-way note system. One person would write something and it would appear in the other two notebooks. The three friends used this method of communication all throughout their years at Hogwarts.

HC 35. Tonks started to read more when she and Remus got together because she thought he would like her more. There was no way he would love her more than he already did but it always made him smile seeing her in the bed with a book.

HC 36. Upon meeting each other at Hogwarts and becoming good friends, Rose and Scorpius figured out that they lived very close to each other. During the summer break, they met halfway, by the ravine, sat on the slope and just talked for hours.

HC 37. George was very fond of Percy's two daughters, Molly and Lucy. They were identical twins, and very best friends. They reminded him of his Hogwarts days with Fred.

HC 38. Lily and James were confused when Sirius responded to the announcement that they were dating by swearing and handing a few galleons to a smug Remus.

HC 39. Years later, George noticed that he had only been using half of the money he earned from Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes. Unable to break this habit, he set up a vault and the second Fred Weasley inherited all the profits of his namesake.

Hc 40. Draco Malfoy tried really hard not to look disgusted when his son came home from Christmas with his girlfriend in a Weasley sweater

HC 41. The summer before his fourth year, Harry walked into his room to find his Aunt Petunia curiously peeking into his copy of Standard Book of Spells. When she noticed she was no longer alone, she started and mumbled something about cleaning before shuffling quickly from the room.

HC 42. For twelve years, Peter Pettigrew told himself that his betrayal was justified because Voldemort's demise came about as a result of it.

HC 43. Vernon’s parents were both tall and thin, and very nice people. When Lily met them, she couldn’t understand where Vernon had come from.

HC 44. Ted Tonks had a good friendship with Arthur Weasley at Hogwarts, as Arthur enjoyed talking with him about his muggle life.

HC 45. Ron believed the best advice he could give to his nephews and eventually, his son when they went off to school was "Don't mess around in girls' bathrooms."

HC 46. During Harry's birth, James lost count of the amount of times he was told by his wife that she hated him.

HC 47. Remus Lupin had his own, fairly obvious reasons for being lenient when it came to disciplining students during his year teaching at Hogwarts.

HC 48. When Ludo Bagman finally returned out of hiding, many years after the second war, he offered to be an investor in George's store. He was point blank refused.

HC 49. Ron was never good with romantic gestures of affection, so whenever he and Hermione fought, the only thing he could think of was to send her endless amounts of roses. Their daughter liked to hear this story.

HC 50. When Rose told her parents she was marrying Scorpius Malfoy, Ron screamed that she was making a horrible mistake. This was the first time she saw her father cry. When Scorpius told his parents he was marrying Rose Weasley, Draco pulled him into a hug and told him how proud he was. This was the first time he saw his father cry.

HC 51. Matches were never permitted in the Finnigan household, for obvious reasons

HC 52. After the Battle of Hogwarts, Minerva McGonnagall did not rest until the castle was restored to it's former state.

HC 53. George never played Quidditch again. He had never played without his brother as the second beater since he learned the game and decided that he never would

HC 54. Lily cried when Petunia told her that she and Vernon would not attend her and James’s wedding.

HC 55. The thing Harry feared most after Voldemorts death was Ginny yelling at him. Ron was in the same boat with Hermione. But worst of all was when Ginny, Hermione, and Molly gained up on them. It was a sight to see.

HC 56. In his early years, James had gained a reputation as a bloke who would eat anything and everything. After fifth year, people started to worry when he would occasionally sit at dinner, not eating and looking pale. Those were the nights that the House Elves served venison.

HC 57. Remus was not a chocoholic. He had chocolate on the Hogwarts Express in ’93 because he knew the Dementors would be on the train.

HC 58. One of the reasons Ron started going with Lavender was because he thought Hermione liked Fred. "and it's supposed to smell differently to each of us, according to what attracts us, and I can smell freshly mown grass and new parchment and----" Fred!!!!! Ron thought hmmmm--- freshly mown grass, that's definitely the burrow but I don't smell like new parchment, Fred does. He could disinctly remember the last two years at Hogwarts and Fred was always writing things down whether it be in 4th year when he was blackmailing Ludo Bagman or in 5th year when he was constantly thinking up new ideas for jokes. But what about George??? Fred and George are always together so it could be him too? No, George was never nice enough to Hermione but, Fred was!! Now that he thought of it, Hermione was way too interested in asking Fred about some of the things at the joke shop over the summer than she usually would have been. Yes, yes, she must like Fred!! He had thought this might be their year but no, he was never going to get out of any of his brothers' shadows, especially not if the girl he was in love with liked Fred. He supposed he could grow to like Lavender she had been acting very different around him lately, so he had decided he would start being nicer to Lavender and maybe, eventually he would grow to feel the same way he felt about her as he did for Hermione. Years later when they were finally a couple, Ron asked Hermione what her Amortentia smelled like, acting like he hadn't heard her say this in their 6th year. "Well, freshly mown grass, which of course is the burrow, new parchement, I mean I think I'm the only one who misses doing homework, and......and you. I don't know how to describe it, but you!"

HC 59. Molly only called George Fred's name once. It was a mistake she could never make again.

HC 60. Every year since Fred's death, when George blew out the candles on his birthday cake, he would wish for the same thing.

HC 61. When George died, after a very long and happy life, Fred was was waiting for him a King's Cross. All Fred said was, "Took you long enough, ehh Georgie?"

HC 62. After the battle, Percy blamed himself for Fred's death. The guilt almost pushed him to suicide. It was George that talked him out of it.

HC 63. Draco died a little bit inside when his first grandchild was a ginger.

HC 64. Dudley's children favorite past time was the stories their father would tell them. Their favorites were always the ones about the strange boy under the stairs who had wild, black hair and an unusual scar and strange powers. They always speculated about how the boy from their stories looked like Uncle Harry.

HC 64. Dudley's children favorite past time was the stories their father would tell them. Their favorites were always the ones about the strange boy under the stairs who had wild, black hair and an unusual scar and strange powers. They always speculated about how the boy from their stories looked like Uncle Harry.

HC 65. Harry always thought that deep down, he might have feelings for Hermione, but after Ron left and he was faced with the possibility of being with Hermione, all he could see was Ginny.

HC 66. During their 4th year, all Hermione wanted for Christmas was for Ron to ask her to the Yule ball, and not as a last resort.

HC 67. When George received a letter from Hogwarts during Fred II first year because of his son's pranking, he couldn't of been more proud.

HC 68. James Sirius and Fred II lived up to their namesakes by being quite the trouble makers.

HC 69. George dated a muggle girl from London before settling down and marrying Angelina.

HC 70. The only thing more terrifying than a Howler from Mrs. Weasley was a howler from Ginny or even Hermione.

HC 71. Ron and Harry just laugh when their children come home with stories of hearing a car horn or seeing tire tracks in the forbidden forest

HC 72. Directly after the battle, George approached Harry and asked if he could use the resurrection stone just one time. Harry regrettably told him it was lost in the forest. It was months before George spoke to Harry again.

HC 73. Much to their children's dismay, the trio never bring their children camping.

HC 74. After a long and peaceful life, Harry past away in his sleep and when we woke he was at Kings Cross station where he found his parents waiting for him. The first thing they told him was how proud they were of him. Soon they were joined by Sirius, Remus, Dumbledore, Tonks, Fred, and Dobby. Hedwig flew to him and they all went to heaven together. Except for Fred, he shook Harry's hand and told him she was still waiting for someone.

HC 75. Ron let Hermione read muggle stories to their children. Except for Cinderella, he refused to let his children hear a story about an illness.

HC 76. After the war Dean and Seamus opened their own quidditch store together.

HC 78. George's proposal to Angelina wasn't planned. George and Angelina had been together for awhile and had never discussed marriage. One night at a big Weasley family party, a conversation arose between George, Percy, and Ron. Percy and Audrey had recently gotten married and Ron and Hermione were engaged. Ron started joking with George about marrying Angelina, when Percy asked if he had even thought about the idea. George replied with a smile "Of course I have, you just brought it up!". Percy, who still didn't have the best sense of humor, continued "George you're an adult and you should really start acting like it." "Fine." George replied, and taking inspiration from his twin brother he stood up and said this "Oi! Angelina!" She looked up from her conversation with Ginny and Fleur, "Want to marry me?" Though she was very surprised she smiled coyly and said, "All right, then." and continued on with her conversation. George sat back down and looked at his brother Percy who looked absolutely stunned. Remembering a very similiar conversation in his fourth year of school Ron patted George on the back and said "Piece of cake"

HC 79. Lily was pregnant with a second child when she and James were murdered by Voldemort

HC 80. Luna discovered and published a book detailing the lives of Crumple-Horned Snorkaks. Ron asked her to read excerpts from it, loudly, every time Hermione came in earshot for about ten years before she finally snapped, "Yes, Ronald, I get it, I was WRONG!"

HC 81. During breaks form her searches for Crumple-Horned Snorkaks, Luna would join forces with Hermione and the together the two ended and banned the subjugation and enslavement on house elves. Luna finally felt as if she had re- payed her debt to Dobby who had saved he from Malfoy Manner.

HC 82. During the war, the Daily Prophet lost most of its credibility with its readers. The Quibbler became and remains the main periodical for witches and wizards all over Britain.

HC 83. Professor Trelawney never scoffed at the subject of Crumple-Horned Snorkaks and Luna never rolled her eyes at any dramatic interpretations of dreams, tea leaves, or even the occasional disturbingly large dust mite. The two made excellent company for one another and Luna would often climb the staircase to the professor's classroom during breaks to sit with her.

HC 84. Cho Chang named her first and only child Cedric

HC 85. The reason Ginny had a lot boyfriends during her times at Hogwarts was because she was trying to get Harry's attention and make him jealous.

Hc 86. Dobby was the first house elf to receive an Order of Merlin, First Class.

HC 87. Molly hated the fact that her daughter - in - laws were so able in the kitchen. She never got over that she wasn't the one providing home cooked meals for her sons.

HC 88. Lily had no maid of honour at her wedding. She said that Sirius would look funny in a dress.

HC 89. Even though Lily hated the vase Petunia had given her, she set on the kitchen table every day, and everyday she would fill it with fresh petunias.

HC 90. Ron made sure that all of his children could play chess before they started school.

HC 91. Harry's children always ask why his socks never match. He just smiles and says 'Because he was free. And that is why I'm here today.'

HC 92. During Christmas time, Harry would never hand any mistletoe in his house, in case of nargles

HC 93. Harry made sure the Malfoys had all charges against them dropped and never faced time in Azkaban.

HC 94. Harry would occasionally give DADA lessons at Hogwarts.

HC 95. Instead of pranking the students, Peeves could always be found in a certain corridor as if he was guarding it. He would often tell the students about how a fellow prankster and hero had fallen there.

HC 96. Arthur Weasley finally found out how air planes stay in the air.

HC 97. Filtch almost had a stroke the day when he realized there was a Lupin, Weasley, and Potter back at school.

HC 98. Harry had intended to give the Marauders map to Teddy, but James and Fred II stole it from his desk before the got the chance.

HC 99. During his 4th year, James Sirius returned home and told his father about all of the girl troubles he had. His father looked him in the eye and said, "Well, at least you didn't have to fight a dragon."

HC 100. Last one!!! During his time at school Albus Severus befriended a young, excitable boy, who had a knack for taking pictures. When introduced to Harry, the young boy said, "You're Harry Potter! Hi, I'm Collin Creevey II! I was named after my uncle, my father said he knew you!" Harry just laughed and said, "You remind a lot of you uncle. He was a hero, you Know?" Harry will never forget the way the young boy's eyes lit up.

HC 101. Lucius Malfoy gave Tom Riddle's diary to Ginny Weasley in hopes it would get to Harry and he would be able to destroy it. Not as a plot to bring back the Dark Lord, but a plot to destroy him.


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