Deleting For Good


Chapter 1

Deleting my Account

I haven't been on for a week or so and I really can't find much time anymore so I'm deleting this useless thing.

I'm doing okay for those of you who were wondering or cared about me. I stopped the cutting and I'm on some medication. It's all good.

Harrison says hello to all of you people, even if you don't know him ^^

I'll be fine, I've got Harry here! :)

Last-minute goodbyes:

Clint ~ I loved talking to you so much, thanks for being a great friend ^

Annemarie ~ I don't know how you're doing but I hope you'll keep a strong heart and always remember that people care about you. Don't try anything stupid like me, got it? I don't know you too well, but thanks for being there. It's appriciated.

Keli ~ I'll miss you most of all. I'm sorry I'm leaving, but I just hate this website so much now and I've got no time for it. It's too much to even worry about, so I'm deleting. Just in case I'm clear, I will always wuv yew ^_^ You can steal all of the pictures in my profile if you'd like. Wait... I'm deleting right after this. So nevermind. XD Anyway, thanks for listening and caring. You're like the sister I never had. (Harry says hello!) But yeah. I'll miss you loads. I don't have an email (I do but I don't remember the password -.- and no, it's not "password" =P)

So that's what I wanted to say. I know you don't care that I'm leaving, I just wanted to make sure that you all didn't think I freaked out and commited suicide or starved myself somuch so that I was dead or something. My stepdad's gooten better, he's taking me and my younger cousin to the zoo next week. I'm not sure how that's progress, but at least he's taking time out of his own schedual, right?

Okay, well, it was nice meeting you all, and I will never forget any of you that were so kind to me. I hope you won't forget me either. Goodbye, Quibblonians. <3


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