It Doesn't Matter how I get there Only that I'm Going (a Starkid story)

This is the story of Maggie Laske. And uh that's pretty much all you need to know! read, enjoy, comment, rate, favorite! thanks guys! I love you all!

Chapter 1

Chapter One

“Mag, can you stop singing please?”
I was twelve years old and my only dream is to be a Broadway star, people say I’ve got great potential,
/but my dad won’t let me realize it. He thinks performing arts are stupid and a waste of time. So I left. /
I’ve been just me and the people I met along the way since then. It’s been seven years and I haven’t
regretted my decision yet. I’m Maggie Laske, and this is how I became me.
“Jaime I’m going to my audition okay?” I yell up the stairs holding the door open with my foot.
“Alright Maggie! Just try to be home before dinner this time!” She yells back.
“Okay!” I answer and hop out, closing the door behind me.
My name is Margaret Laske, Maggie or Mags for short. I ran away from home when I was twelve because I had a dream and was being hurt because of it. Being put down, called names, a smack here or there. I couldn’t stand so I just up and left! Simple as that! Now I live with Jaime Fraser, a bar owner in the town of Ann Arbor, Michigan. We met one night at Starbucks when I was fourteen and she took me in. I’ve been living with her ever since. Now I’m nineteen and desperately trying to get a part in a play, any play really, although luck hasn’t been on my side lately and I haven’t been getting parts. I’ve figured I’ve got to start somewhere, so I usually try out for the smallest shows I can find!
Today I’m heading to an audition for some musical called Choices. Never heard of it, but it’s something, I chose a small song for my audition “I’m Not Afraid of Anything” from Jason Robert Brown’s Songs for a New World.
I walk into town to the small Walgreen’s Theater. Once inside I take off my hat and my scarf and shake the snow off my coat. There aren’t many people around for the audition so maybe I’ve got a shot here! I grab an audition form and begin filling it out. Once I’m done I realize I’m the last person there. I walk to the stage door and the girl guarding it nods at me and lets me in once the previous person walks out.
I walk onto stage for what feels like the millionth time, I smile, “Hello I’m Maggie Laske and I’ll be singin-“
“I’m sorry but it appears we’ve already filled our cast, so sorry for the inconvenience.” The director gives me a pitiful shrug and gathers his things, and leaves with the rest of his posse.
I remain standing on stage still holding my music and form. Tears well up in my eyes. They didn’t even listen to me. I take a few deep breaths and walk over to the piano, I place my music on the stand and begin playing, and singing. There’s no use letting my practice go to waste.
Jenny’s afraid of water,
She swims so well but still, she’s afraid of water.
So she won’t go near the sea.
Not me.
Katie’s afraid of darkness
I mean, she sleeps and all but still,
She’s afraid of darkness
So when the lights go out she has to hold my hand
I don’t understand
I’m not afraid of anything
Be it mountain, water, dragons, dark, or sky.
I’m not afraid of anything!
Tell me where’s the challenge if you never try?
So watch me fly
I’m not afraid.
My voice is a whisper at that last line and I cut off there. I’m not afraid of anything alright, except being a failure like he always said I’d be.
“That was pretty good!” A voice behind me says.
I jump up from the piano bench and spin around to see four guys standing behind me. “I-I-I’m sorry! I didn’t know someone else was supposed to be here.” I stammer as I fumble for my music which, of course, falls to the ground and flies everywhere. I exhale and bend down to pick the pages up.
Before I know it they’re all beside me helping me pick the pages up too. Soon we have all of them, they hand me their pages, “Thank you,” I mumble, “Sorry for bothering you.” I say and turn to take my leave.
“Wait! We have a question for you.” A short-ish guy with brown hair says, “We were wondering if you would like to help us cast this play? And maybe audition for it?” I turn fully around to face him, scanning his face to see if he means it or not.
“What kind of play?” I ask.
“It’s a parody of Harry Potter, we wrote it ourselves. I’m Nick Lang, by the way.” He tells me.
I figure that my day won’t get any better than this so figure why not, “yeah, sure. Sounds good.”
They all smile and we take our seats in the audience as the auditions begin.

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