Chapter 1


Rebecca: Come on Anne
Anne: I'm almost done
Rebecca: Hurry Up bish
Tracey:Mmmm. You need your butt kicked girl
Rebecca: What? I'm excited Bish so shut up
Anne walks out the bathroom
Anne: How I look?
Tracey: Gorgeous
Rebecca:Why don't you save that outfit For Bill Kaulitz tomorrow?
Anne: Cause I'm trying to Look my best for Ashley Purdy
Tracey: Jinxx and Tom Kaulitz is Dreamy
Rebecca: Shut up and lets get the hell outta here
All walks out to the car and Their friend Brittney is in the drivers seat
Brittney: Get in the car Hoes
Rebecca:shut up
Anne: What's up with you tellin People to shut up to day?
All get's in and Brittney pulls off
Rebecca rolls her eyes
Rebecca: How I look?
Tracey: Sexy
Anne: Yeup sexy
Rebecca: Aw really thanks
Brittney: Why you dress like that
Tracey: She did it for Andy Laughs
Brittney: Why you dress like that, Anne?
Anne: Ashley Purdy !!! That's my baby
Pulls up to the concert early
Britney: He might not even see you guys so.? Whats the use?
Tracey: Back stage passes duh Britt
Tracey, Anne, and Rebecca gets out
Rebecca: Alright
Anne: See you after the concert, Bye.
Brittney pulls off

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