My Favez :P (READDD XD)

ITZA REPOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XP haha

Chapter 1

Interesting tale, fine companion!

Ice cream: bubble gum from Kustard Korner :P ONLY thr or like wit the gum chunkz ha im such a kid XD
Song: TO MANY!!!!!!! first one that popz into head: Rockstar by Nickelback
Day of the week: Friday
Movie: too many to count again lolxD first that popz into head: Sleepy Hollow
Store: The Mall (Forever 21, Claire's, Icing, Teavana...etc), Game Stop
Electronic: iPhone, Wii, Laptop
Article of clothing: Jeanz ^^
State: no sure haha i no Washington D.C. iz like the fave place ive been :P
Hair color: Blonde, Dirty Blonde (thiz iz favez not my actual color haha but i DID hav dirty blonde but i cut it and itz darker now like brunette :P)
Eye Color: Changing ^
^ (sometimez mine kind of change O.O), Blue
Hottest Celebrity: iz thiz a trick question? JOHNNY DEPP!!!!!!!!!! XD
Name: Alice, Julie, Mort, Saphire, John, Lily, Jack, Lily-Rose, Katie,
Color: Aqua/Teal/Turquoise, Blue, Green, Black
Job: Actress, Writer, Singer
Season: Summer
Beverage: Shirly Temple, Cream Soda
Food: Chinese Food!!!! :D, Chicken Alfredo :D
Candy: Twix!!!!!!!!!! xo (but now i cant hav thm :'( )
Singer: to many AGAIN! gosh XP first that popz in head: Avril Lavigne
Rapper: Pitbull!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D
Cereal: Choco Mini Wheatz, Reese's Puffz
TV Show: Scrubs, Pretty Little Liars, Friends, Psych, The Nine Lives of Chloe King, Bones
Word: Onomatopoeia, Abyss, Awrzum (itz a word in MY dictionary :P)
Holiday: Christmas
Day of Year: March 27 or December 25 or December 31 (haha my b-day, Christmas, New Years Eve ;P)
Month: June! TIME FOR MY FAVE SEASON!!!!!! ^_^ and no skool haha
Lucky Number: 27, 3, 11, 13


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