Fool in Love (A twin Weasley love story)

Chapter 1


It was august the twentieth, the wind howled around the place, rain beating against my window. It was still dark out when I woke to tapping on my window. I pulled back my curtains and saw my owl Lilac flying outside. I smiled and opened the window, she flew in and perched herself on my desk.
I ran over quickly and took the note attached to her leg off and read the messy writing at the front.

Lola Wilson
I carefully opened the letter and began to read it.
Dear Lola,
I'm afraid I won't be here for your departure to hogwarts. I'm so sorry, but things at the ministry aren't going so well.
I hope you'll have a lovely year- you always do. Tell your mother that you'll be coming to my house for Christmas this year, okay?
I love you,

I crumpled up the note and threw it into my bin. Another excuse for him to be with his new girlfriend. Kelly!
My parents got divorced when I started second year at hogwarts, I was never told why, except, "We just don't love eachother anymore." I frowned wiping away tears that formed in my emerald green eyes.
My dad met a new girl, her name was Kelly. She was nice, but she was ruining my parents chances of getting back together. I missed when my parents were happy together- or were they ever happy together, or just some act in front of me? Well, I was happy.
I paced up and down my small, square room kicking my suitcase as I went. I glanced down into my suitcase and saw the pictures of me and my family. My younger brother, Jake, and my older sister, Monica. Monica was in her final year at hogwarts, I was in my fifth. Jake was starting his second year.
As you've probably guessed, I'm a witch. I'm pureblood and I was placed in Gryffindor. Not a big shock really, my sister and my mother were in there and I took new traits from my father.
Jake was placed in Ravenclaw like my dad. I loved hogwarts, it was my second home. My friends were really nice there too, Angelina Johnson was one of my best friends, but one thing came from being friends with Angelina- you had to be friends with Fred and George weasley. The two twins were the pranksters of the school, they knew every secret passage way, they were also the ones that if you're not careful they'll set a dungbomb off in your bag.
Ubfortunatly I was there number one victim after filtch, they caretaker. They loved it because I always got mad at them. But not this year, this year I'm going to play just as dirty.

At around seven I walked down stairs. The sun was just emerging between the two houses behind us. I stifled a yawn and made some sausages for me and the others.
Just when I was done they came one by one down the stairs. It was almost as if they could smell the sausages, or here them sizzling on the pan.
"Oh! Breakfast!" Jake exclaimed happily sitting down at the table waiting for me to serve it to him.
Monica came down the stairs with a big smile on her face, before I could help myself I blurted out, "What? Did Oliver write to you?" Oliver wood was in Monica's year and she had the biggest crush on him- she always denies it but everybody knows. I was on the quidditch team as chaser and wood always blushes when one of the twins yell out something about her.
"Shut up... And yes, he did!" Monica snapped at me. I chuckled and set her plate down infront of her- gave the others Theres and sat down to eat my own.
"What did he want?" I asked wriggling my eyebrows at her. She went a light shade of pink.
"Nothing that concerns you!" She replied eating her breakfast. I shrugged and we all ate our breakfast. Monica and my mother spoke at the sink as they clean the dishes. I knew they were talking about Oliver!
"Mom! Please let me go? It's only to get ice cream?" She said. So, a date?
"I've never met him before!" My mother argued.
"I'll introduce you to him... You can go shopping for their school supplies? Please?" Monica pleaded. My motor huffed but nodded causing Monica to jump up and down.
"Mom- dad wants me to go to his house for Christmas!" I said causing Monica to stop jumping up and down and my mother to whirl around. She looked shocked.
"What?" she asked. "You are staying here for Christmas!" She said angrily. I furrowed my eyebrow.
"He's also not coming to kings cross.." I muttered. My mother scoffed.
"Get use to it... He'll always be like that!" My mother stated turning back around to finish the dishes.
"You're staying here!"
"No! I'm not coming home at all! I'm staying at hogwarts!" I shouted before going back up the stairs. What a way to begin a day- and it's only eight!

So, I know it's short. And stupid. But, it's my first story on quibblo! Hope you like, also, could I get like three comments or more? Thanks!:]

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