Fool in Love (A twin Weasley love story)

Chapter 2


For most of the week I stayed up in my room.
On Saturday Jake came up to the door and opened it. I sighed and sat up in bed. It was still early morning and the sun had just risen behind the houses.
"What Jake?" I asked him going over to my desk and sitting on the chair in frot of it.
"We're going to diagon Alley... Mom says to get ready," He told me. He left and closed the door behind him, I sighed and got dressed into proper muggle clothes. It was a Saturday, so London would be busy already. I walked down stairs and everybody waited at the table for me.
"Well, let's go then," Monica rushed us. "I told Oliver I'd meet him there at one!" She said excitedly. Jake rolled his eyes and we walked out to the car.
The journey to the leaky cauldron wasn't so long. Tom the owner of the place gave us a toothless smile as we entered the back of the pub.
My mother tapped some of the bricks and we walked into diagon alley. I looked around in amazement like I did every year, diagon alley was my favourite place besides hogwarts, in the wizarding world.
They had amazing broom shops, pet shops even the ice cream shop, although small, was rather amazing. It was only half twelve but Monica scanned the crowds in the ice cream shop for Oliver. As I expected, he wasn't there yet.
"Mom, can I go look at some brooms?" I asked her. She shook her head.
"Later, we have to go get new robes. Your old ones barely pass your ankle anymore!" She said to me. I nodded and followed her down to madam Malkins robe shop.
I got my robes and it was now one. Monica pulled mom over to the ice cream shop to where Oliver was now sitting. She blushed and me and Jake rolled our eyes.
"Hey Oliver... Um... This is my mother, mom this is Oliver... You know Lola and this is my younger brother Jake," She introduced them. Oliver stood up embarrassed... He stretched out his hand and shook my mothers hand.
"Nice to meet you Ms. Wilson," He said politely. "Hey Lola, have you been practicing over the summer? We'll have to win this year!" Oliver said. I nodded.
"Ya, if I could get a different broom. My Cleansweep isn't so good. I want to get a nimbus two thousand and one!" I said to him. He smiled.
"Great brooms those are..."
"Well, bye mom!" Monica said gesturing for us to leave. I sighed.
"okay, we'll be having our lunch at the Leaky Cauldron. See you in a while," My mother said to Monica. She nodded and her and Oliver sat back down. We walked back to the leaky cauldron. I stopped when I saw who were at one of the tables. The Weasley's, hermione and Harry potter.
"Oh, mom. Can we go somewhere else?" I begged her.
"Why- oh! Look, it's Molly!" My mother said noticing them. "Molley! How're you?" my mother walked over to the table where they were sitting. I dragged Jake to another table in fear of a prank being pulled on me. To my luck, I don't think they noticed me.
"Oh, you should join us!" I heard Molly say. Molly meant well, but.. I really didnt want to join them.
"Oh, I have my kids with me.." My mother replied frowning slightly. My heart kept as I thought this might be a good chance of us not joining them without being rude.
"They can join us too!" She said happily. I frowned and Molly pulled over a seat and tables at the end of their table next to... The twins.
"Hey Lola-"
"Nice of you to join us!" George said. I placed on a fake smile which I hoped would fool anybody. Jake sat next to Ginny who I reckoned was in his year. Both of them were in second year now.
"Oh, such a joy," I replied. The twins chuckled.
"Not happy to see us?" They asked me.
"Overjoyed. Have you talked to Oliver, he's out there you know!" I said. "He's determined to have us win the match!"
"Ya, we saw him. Said he was waiting for someone... Monica?" Fred asked me. I nodded and the grinned. "Are they still put there?"
"Ya... Why?" I asked cautiously.
"Oh, I think we should join them!"

I know it's short, but I've got writers block! Sucks! Anyway, thanks for commenting! Three or more comments again, please?:]

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