Yeah, uh...

Chapter 1


Hey guys,

I'm back, and this time to stay. You've probably been getting annoyed with me and my lack of posts. I don't blame you.

It's just school, and sports, and, well, everything. I apologize.But trust me, I will start posting a little more daily, at least once a week. You will see more of me, no doubt about that.

Another thing: You may wondor why i deleted my Ace's Adventures series.

Well, the truth is, that didn't start out too well to begin with. Very improfessional, i didn't check over my work, and i just was't consistent with it. I didn't like it very much, to be honest.

But me and my cousin(the one who created tricross) were emailing earlier... and i got motivated. I will be starting over the Ace's adventures series; it will return with more "umph" than ever before!

And a quick update on Tricross:

That series I haven't deleted. I like how it's turned out so far and I'd like to keep it going. Will it be my main priority, no; thats Ace's Adventures. But Tricross will continue.

And with my series by YOU GUYS!

I can't start it yet! I need more votes! But I'll try to have that up as soon as possible.

And last, and... probably least important, but whatever:

My random quiz series. You will have a short wait to witness "part three: the finale," but expect it soon. Again, Ace's Adventures is my current top priority.

But if you took your time to read this, thank you. I apreciate it.

Well, farewell, and keep yourself away from harm and monsters.

May all your hopes and dreams come true,
Yours Truly


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