Snorts, Laughter and Blank Looks- Weird Made Up Stories Designed To Amuse People

Just some short stories to make people snort :P Enjoy!

Chapter 3

Fairytale Gone Wrong

The girl bounced around. Left. Right. Right. Left. Left. Left, right, left!
She clapped her hands in the beat and giggled happily as she jumped aside again. Twirling, twisting, jumping, turning, and whoo!
Her long braid swirled around, making a faint thumping noise every single turn...The sound of her braid hitting the face of the man tied to the chair behind her. He winced and pulled a face, about to make an angry remark when the braid smacked him in the face again.
"No talking!" the girl sang, clapping her hands and taking a small jump to the left. She began to sing and the birds joined in, and flew inside. A tiny, fluffy pink one sat on the man's head and chirped along, until the girl frowned angrily at its pretty whistle.
Three seconds later, pink fluffy feathers rained down, all that was left of the bird. The girl nodded, satisfied. The man made a small, uneasy noise, imagining his fluffy black hair raining to the ground...
His captor stamped her feet as the other birds flew off, shrieking.
"That happens every time!" she complained, gazing intently at the man as if she expected a response.
The man sat up slighlty, struggling against the bonds. "Well, beautiful girl, why am I here?"
"So I can dance and sing for you."
"...You know, you could have asked nicely."
"You wouldn't have listened!" said the girl in a shrill voice.
Her prisoner bobbed his head up and down quickly, causing a rattling sound. The girl's eyes widened in pleasure, and she began to dance again. "Keep nodding!" she exclaimed.
He nodded, and she danced, clapping her hands to the rattling sound. She skipped to the door and opened it. Several more girls entered, all wide eyed and smiling. They formed a circle as they danced around the man, clapping their hands and doing the can-can in unison. The circle moved, shifted as the girls began to switch places. They sang. The voices rose higher and higher and higher, until it was barely audible, until mere whistles left their mouths. Such high whistles...
The man's head spun as he kept on nodding and the voices filled his ears and filled his brain and filled his thoughts and-
The circle of girls stopped and sighed in disappointment as the fluffy, black hair rained down on them.
"This one lasted pretty long," one girl said, her lip protruded in a pout.
Their leader, the girl with the long, golden braid (Who, readers, was the first one in the room...Remember her?) stepped forward and picked up a handful of hair. "Well, I suppose we should find someone else, then," she remarked dryly, skipping outside. The gang of girls followed her, chattering excitedly.

The End

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