Snorts, Laughter and Blank Looks- Weird Made Up Stories Designed To Amuse People

Just some short stories to make people snort :P Enjoy!

Chapter 6

Ode to Gijs (Short Chapter)

There once was a duck. The duck had dark brown feathers with some grey in them and a bald spot. The duck's name was Gijs. He was a very funny duck.

Unfortunately, the duck's life was very tragic. He had to go see the psyduchiatrist due to trauma (he'd seen several geese eggs being eaten by his friend), and unfortunately, he never recovered, though the psyduchiatrist cost lots and lots of money!

One day, Gijs was swimming happily and dipping his head into the water when a large shark came long, who paused, grabbed his I-pond and put on the Jaws Theme. Then he proceeded by tip-toeing across the ocean floor, casting sly looks about his surroundings.

Suspecting absolutely nothing at all, Gijs hummed to himself and swam along, fluttering his feathers slightly and directing a rueful look at his bald spot. It was rather red.

Maybe I should put some lotion on it, before it burns...

Gijs reached for his feathery pocket, but before he got the chance, the shark bit him in his tail!


Unfortunately, those were Gijs' last words.

Gijs Sijbranda Ducker, may you rest in peace.

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