Gotta Be You- A One Direction Love Story

Gotta Be You- A One Direction Love Story

This is the story about a girl named Shay. She is a girl from a small town in Oklahoma that loves animals, music, and hanging out with her friends. She wants to be a vet one day. She is a freshman in college and 18 years old. She is studying abroad in Ireland over the summer. She went on vacation there when she was 13 and has been pen pals with Niall Horan since meeting him. She will be staying with the Horan family for the summer. Let me know what you think!

Chapter 2

Harry's Thoughts

HARRY'S POV (the day Shay arrives)
We had been hanging out at Niall's house for quite some time. There was supposed to be a very attractive girl that was coming to live with him for the summer and she wasn't a crazy fan, so of course we were there waiting. Zayn was the only one with a girlfriend so we were all ready to meet her. Niall had left for the airport to go pick her up and his parents had run to the grocery store for breakfast things tomorrow morning so it was just me, Louis, Liam, and Zayn. We didn't want to be busy when she arrived so we just sat around, tweeting fans back and talking.
Louis: I wonder what she looks like.
Zayn: Niall says she's pretty.
Louis: I know but there are a lot of different ways to look pretty.
Those two got in a little argument and I kept looking at my phone.
Liam: Goodness! Keep it down she will be here any minute.
Louis decided to bring him into it too by messing up his hair and taunting him.
Louis: What you don't wander what she looks like or acts like? She could be your girl.
Liam swatted at Louis and fixed his hair. I decided to jump in.
Me: What about Niall? Does he not want her?
All of a sudden a pillow hit me in the head from the other direction.
Me: Hey!
Zayn: Don't you ever listen? He said she is like his sister.
Louis: Then dibs.
Liam: You can't call dibs on girls until you see them.
Louis proceeded to mess up his hair again and they wrestled a bit.
Then we heard a car driving up. Zayn, who was sitting by the window, looked through the curtain.
Zayn: Just Mr. and Mrs. H.
Not very long after that we heard Mrs. Horan calling for us.
Mrs. H: Boys! Come help me carry groceries in!
We slipped our phones in our pockets and went to go help. As we grabbed the last bags we heard another car pull up. That had to be Niall. We all bolted to the kitchen and Zayn laughed at us as we all tried to squeeze through the doorway with the bags. As soon as we sat the things down we ran for the driveway. Then I saw her. She had long, wavy, dark brown hair, green eyes, pretty smile and a cute little figure. I spoke up, but only loud enough for the other boys to hear.
Me: Dibs
That started all sort of commotion behind me as I went to introduce myself. The other boys followed suit. Liam took a little longer shaking hands and so I decided to jump in.
Me: So which song of ours is your favorite?
Shay: Actually I haven't heard you guys sing together yet.
I think my jaw may have hit the floor. I can't even go out without screaming girls chasing. I thought everybody had heard of us and all the girls loved us. I could only manage one word.
Me: What?
Shay: Well Niall hasn't sent me anything and your music isn't for sale in America.
Niall started making excuses for why he hadn't sent her any of our music, which just started all sorts of commotion. After a while of getting to know Shay a bit, which was lovely, we decided to head back to our hotel. We wanted to stay in Ireland a week in hopes that something might happen between one of us and the girl Niall had over. Of course, before the week ends, I know that will be me. I am always the favorite with the ladies. The guys and I talked about Shay on the way back.
Louis: She is a doll!
Zayn: She seemed really nice.
Louis: Yeah I still think my dibs count.
Me: Whatever!
Liam: Guys! She seems a lot nicer than either of you deserve.
Zayn: haha no kidding!
Me: Hey now! What did I do?
He gave me a look.
Liam: You really have to ask?
Me: Oh come on I'm a nice guy.
Louis: Yeah and I'm the king, besides, everyone knows that girls want a guy that can make them laugh.
Me: Yeah, yeah. We'll see who she picks.
We got out of the taxi and went up to our separate rooms. We had already made plans to be at Niall's house bright and early. I went to bed and it seemed like only a few minutes of sleep had passed before my alarm was ringing again. I hopped out of bed and got dressed. I had to look good to impress Shay today. I met the boys downstairs and we headed back to Niall's place. We greeted his parents and then we saw Niall in the living room playing COD so we all jumped in, switching off at intervals. We got really into the game and I even forgot about Shay for a little while...

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