Gotta Be You- A One Direction Love Story

Gotta Be You- A One Direction Love Story

This is the story about a girl named Shay. She is a girl from a small town in Oklahoma that loves animals, music, and hanging out with her friends. She wants to be a vet one day. She is a freshman in college and 18 years old. She is studying abroad in Ireland over the summer. She went on vacation there when she was 13 and has been pen pals with Niall Horan since meeting him. She will be staying with the Horan family for the summer. Let me know what you think!

Chapter 3


I woke up to men's screams from downstairs. Do those boys live here? I swear. I sat up and gave the mirror a glance. I looked terrible. I grabbed my brush to tame my hair and wrapped it into a messy bun on top of my head and slid on a wide stretchy headband to keep my baby hairs out of my face. I headed down the stairs still in my tank and soffees. Louis and Liam were playing video games while Harry and Zayn watched. I wondered where Niall was. The guys yelled again and I decided to interrupt.
Me: Hey! What is with all the noise?
They all turned around with surprised looks on their faces and Liam paused the game.
Louis: Sorry, love. Didn't realize you were sleeping.
They were still looking at me like I had something on my face.
Me: It's okay. What are you looking at?
Zayn and Louis exchanged glances, Liam looked down and scratched his neck, and Harry just kept looking at me. I saw his eyes move down and back up.
Harry: Just your cute jammies.
I looked down. Idiot. I rolled my eyes and I heard Zayn attempt to cover a laugh as I turned to go into the kitchen. Niall was getting breakfast and smiled as I walked in.
Niall: Hey Shay! Sleep well?
Me: Yeah until the scream fest in there.
I nodded towards the living room and his smile faded a little.
Niall: I'm sorry. I should have told them to keep quiet.
I gave a light laugh.
Me: It's all good. That just means that I get to spend more time with you lovely gents today.
He laughed and Liam walked in with his hands in his back pockets looking nervous.
Liam: Sorry about the guys.
Me: Like I just said I really am okay with the noise.
Liam: I meant Harry.
I rolled my eyes again and faced Liam.
Me: It's all good. I mean, you aren't in charge of him, right?
Liam: Yeah
He gave a weird laugh and then turned to Niall, who was looking very confused at this point.
Liam: Do you have any waffles?
Niall: Yeah in the freezer.
He looked at me questioningly after Liam started searching the fridge. I shook my head and mouthed that I would tell him later. I decided to go change and avoid another awkward meeting.
We were playing COD and I gave my controller to Liam.
Liam: Tommo you're going down.
Louis: Not today, my friend, not today.
Before long, Liam had twice as many kills as Lou. All of a sudden I heard Shay practically yelling over the noise of the game and us.
Shay: Hey! What is with all the noise?
Louis spoke up, but I didn't hear him. She looked so hot in her tight, low-cut tank and short shorts. She looked at me.
Shay: What are you looking at?
I could hear the boys shuffling, obviously not knowing what to say. I decided to go for it.
Me: Just your cute jammies.
She rolled her eyes and left. Maybe she isn't like most of the girls I've met. I watched her walk into the kitchen and she was almost out of view when 3 different hands smacked me upside the head.
Me: Oww!
Zayn: You idiot
Me: What? I was being honest.
Liam: Seriously? Are you capable of not being crude?
Louis: You aren't going to win her that way, chap.
Liam got up and followed Shay and Zayn took his controller. I pulled out my phone and decided to check twitter and facebook.
I put on a v-neck shirt and skinny jeans with some TOMS. After I straightened my hair I put on makeup and headed back downstairs. I ran into Liam first.
Liam: You look nice.
I smiled. He was so considerate.
Me: Thanks. You do too.
I glanced down and saw Harry sitting in the same spot on the couch, looking at me. Niall came into the room and got everybody's attention.
Niall: Since today is Shay's first full day in Ireland and we have the day off, I booked us a few hours of laser tag.
The guys high fived and I smiled. This was going to be so much fun! I am a pro at laser tag because I am used to going with Austin and his friends back home.
Zayn looked at me.
Zayn: Have you ever played before?
I decided that they could just find out about my mad skills when we played.
Me: A little.
I smiled innocently.
Louis: Don't worry. We will show you the ropes.
Niall: Come on lads! Let's go!
We all hopped into Niall's car. Zayn rode shotgun and I was squeezed in between the other 3, not that I minded :) Harry whispered in my ear as we pulled in.
Harry: I'll show you the good spots. That's how I'm undefeated.
I smiled and nodded and then leaned towards him to whisper back.
Me: And so humble too.
By then we were parked and I jumped out. We got in and when we put our packs on I acted like I was confused, hoping that Liam or Louis would help me, but the "champ" soon had his arms around me, putting it on. He pointed out everything and then as we were let into the room he took my hand.
Harry: Come this way.
This was going to be fun :)

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