Gotta Be You- A One Direction Love Story

Gotta Be You- A One Direction Love Story

This is the story about a girl named Shay. She is a girl from a small town in Oklahoma that loves animals, music, and hanging out with her friends. She wants to be a vet one day. She is a freshman in college and 18 years old. She is studying abroad in Ireland over the summer. She went on vacation there when she was 13 and has been pen pals with Niall Horan since meeting him. She will be staying with the Horan family for the summer. Let me know what you think!

Chapter 4

Playing with the Boys

Harry's hand was still firmly grasping mine as we ran through the dark game area, waiting for our guns to be activated. He kept leaning back to say "this way" and such, but I wasn't paying much attention. I was planning my escape route and trying to find the best place to shoot from besides Harry's favorite spot. We finally got up to an upper deck that allowed you to see a large portion of the gaming area. I'm not going to lie, this was a great sniper spot, but it was also completely vulnerable. Harry finally let me go and told me to wait a second. He ran off but was still back before the countdown to activation ended and the game began. I saw lights moving through one of the lower passages and I felt Harry's hand on my left shoulder as he leaned in to whisper on my right. He pointed at the lights.
Harry: See that?
What was I? Blind?
Me: Umm yes
He proceeded to give me instructions on how to shoot while standing extremely close to me. He had his arms around me and his hands over mine resting on the laser. Then there was a loud noise and the game began. He "helped" me shoot the person below.
Harry: Good shot!
Me: Oh you mean like this one?
I shot him really fast and ran off to one of the places I had seen earlier. The game was so much fun! Before long, though, my laser went dead. The game was over. I headed towards the exit and got there the same time as Louis.
Louis: Dang you're good. You play a lot, don't you?
I laughed.
Me: Yeah, I go with my little brother and his friends all the time.
We talked as we put our stuff up and walked to the scores room. It didn't take Harry, Zayn, Niall, and Liam long to join us. Harry came straight to me.
Harry: What was that for?
Me: You said you were undefeated and I figure there is a first time for everything.
I smiled and the other guys laughed.
Harry: I thought you wanted help.
Me: I never asked for help. That was all you.
Niall: Yeah she is full of surprises. Watch out.
Niall patted him on the back and Louis and Zayn started taunting him as the worker came out with score cards. Liam stood next to me on the other side. The man handed out the cards, but still had mine and Harry's.
Worker: The second highest score is 752 and the winner, with 1057 points, is Sparrow.
I smiled and grabbed my paper all the guys started congratulating me and giving Harry and even harder time. Liam hugged me super quickly and told me good job.
Louis: She smoked you!
Zayn: It's about time somebody put little Harry in his place.
Harry shook it off after his initial shock.
Harry: Very funny guys.
We all started walking toward the exit, but Harry and I were at the back of the group. He turned to me with a smile.
Harry: You are going down next time.
Me: I don't think so, but if you like, I can give you some pointers.
I smiled slyly and he winked at me. I felt myself blush and looked away. Not possible. I couldn't be falling for the biggest player of the group...could I?

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